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Nuvi 660 MP3 performance >1.5GB

Anyone else using a 2GB SD card for MP3s?

Once I get over 20+ albums, about 1.5GB, the Nuvi MP3 UI takes forever to load and occasionally locks up. Originally I thought I had a corrupt MP3, but it seems related to the number of songs/size. I got a cheap abet decent SD card (Kingston - $20).


  • Tim 1500 Points
    I've got a 2 GB SD card that I've used in the 350 and 360 without trouble.... although I haven't tried loading that many MP3 files on it at once. I haven't tried it at all in a 660 but it shouldn't be that much different between devices.

    Garmin has advised me not to use a 4GB card because loading that much can cause significant performance issues. Perhaps the performance issues strike before reaching 2 GB.
  • Just took my 670 to Europe for 2 weeks. Brought with me three fully loaded, 2GB SD cards. And when I say fully loaded, there was less than 1 meg of space available on the chip.

    Yes it tad take some time to load.. 1-1.5 mins and yes, I experienced an occasional freeze but overall I was highly impresses with its service and quality.

    My only gripe was the rather shoddy FM radio transmission capability. All the cars I rented in Europe had their antennas mounted in the rear. Holding a signal was almost impossible.
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