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H610 suspend mode? Or hold 5 second shut down? [Mio]

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I'm confused on how the device uses power

Basically - I hold the power button for 5 secs to shut down the unit completely

And i hold it 5 secs to power on the unit

When i tap the power - it goes into suspend mode


Does it consume power in suspend mode.

I'm really confused about suspend mode

Because in suspend mode - when you tap the power - everything goes to where you left off at - Which is good

But does it take battery power?????????????????????????????????????


  • even in suspend mode,the device also consume powers because suspend mode is that most of the chips in the device go to saving-power mode(but CPU is also working).
    if you tap power key when device is under suspend mode,every chip goes back to normal codition and consume battery more than suspend mode.
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