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Mio C230 purchased one month ago [Mio]

egfick 0 Points

I perseverated on a damn GPS purchase for way too long. I often will spend a couple hundred dollars on whimiscal stuff. I waited years before I purchased a maping GPS for my boat. Once I started using it I wondered why I did not purchase one much earlier. In enjoyed this forum, I appreciated the information so I thought I'd tell you what I think.

I have used the Gramin units and the Mag. units in rental cars. Most helpful. Garmin wins hands down in my opinion. But I was not ready to spend the money required for a TTS unit by Garmin. I think Garmin has the ease of use figured out at the low end. I read the reviews and sprung for a Mio C230 at Radio Shack about 160 bucks. It works great in my opinion. I did spend an additional 10 minutes or so on 3 or so occasions bouncing around the menus to figure stuff out. For the money at this time I don't think you can beat this unit. But I would not get one for my mom unless she has some experience with technology. I did a few accuracy checks using a laser range finder. The voice says: Turn Right in 180 yards. I would stop my car the moment the voice starts and at the end of the voice command, less than accurate, but I was usually within 10 to 25 yards of correct. This is good enough for my use.

I would like to find out about how, if ever Mio will be Google map friendly or have their own software for planing multiple stops using a PC or other device... I'm sure the technnolgy will be far superior in 18 months, I can always get a fancy unit at some future date.

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