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Geotagging/Geocoding on a Mac (or PC)

XopherN71 0 Points
What software have you found to be the best?

Right now I'm undecided as to which one to go with on my Mac.

The good:
All in one
Support for my data logger
Easy to use

The bad:
Costs about $40

The good:
All in one
Easy to use
Support for my data logger (at least the previous version did)

The bad:
Not 100% ready for Leopard
Hasn't been updated in a few months

Not that $40 is a lot of money, but there's free/donation ware out there that rivals it or 2 step software that could get me by for less.

Any others you can recommend?

PC applications are ok as well, but I prefer Mac since that's where my photos go (main home computer is a MacBook Pro) but also have a Dell desktop running XP at home and at the office.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.


  • Tim 1474 Points
    I use and like GPSPhotoLinker.
  • I should mention, JetPhoto is another one that's on the list once they get support for the Wintec (been told by them it will be in the next release).
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