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Screen on Tomtom One vs 910

Devotech 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
It looks like the TT One has a clearer screen than the 910. Is this the case, or is the 910 on display at my BestBuy just old?

I have also heard that the 910 speaks so quickly it is hard to understand the text to speach feature. True?

While I have your attention, do any of the GPS units in this form factor enable an NEMA or other stream out that you could also map on a laptop or Google Earth type software for real-time tracking?


  • Tim 1480 Points
    They do have a different screen, although I don't recall there being any remarkable difference in quality between the two.

    I've never found the TomTom devices difficult to understand and haven't noticed that the speed of speech is much different. You can hear a sample of the voice on the 910 on our text to speech page about half way down the article.

    I can't think of any off the top of my head which support NEMA (or other) live output. Some of them can record tracklogs for later playback, but I can't think of any auto devices which have NEMA output.
  • tomj03 0 Points
    You can use TripMaster at (free) , then import to Google Earth.
  • tomj03 0 Points
    Forgot to say you need the Tyre program too:
  • Devotech 0 Points
    Thanks for all the help and the tips!
    I purchased a TomTom One. Works great. I figured I would save some money and buy the real time photo realistic GPS I am sure will be out in a few years. :wink:

    If you know of any other add-ons for the TomTom One, please point me to them. The ones you listed already are truly interesting. I love being able to take a device beyond it's predetermined limits.

    Thanks Tom and Tim.

  • tomj03 0 Points
    You can make/download zillions of POI.
    It depends on what you are interested in.
    You need to get several conversion programs (in case the POIs are not in OV2 TomTom format) like GPSBabel, POIEdit, POIConverter ...
    To start use this (very neat) program:

    MyPOI at
    This one search online for all POI around a given location (US only).

    Also another one is Tyre (to be used with Google Earth).
    With this one you can create, view routes on GE and download to the TomTom.

    Just google for them , if you have problems let me know.

    But be careful when connecting TomTom to your PC (click on 'Safely remove hardware before unpluggigg or power down the PC).
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