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GPS is alive and well in Serbia......

patruns 10 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
After reading the map info for what is offered for Eastern Europe by Magellan, TomTom and Garmen I was surprised to get in a taxi yesterday in Belgrade and see a GPS on the dash. No, it was not a brand that I recognized (or could pronounce) but there it was, wide screen and showing the route being traveled. I was even more surprised when the streets continued to show as we traveled outside the city into god's land. Now I know where to turn to get to the in-laws in Pinosava, but there are no street signs. You ask directions to someone's house and it's like getting directions to the Hekawi camp. (You make a right at the rock that looks like a bear and then you make a left at the bear that looks like a rock.) Thankfully the guy who delivered my lost luggage 2 days late had a GPS. ("I think I am right outside your door but I am not sure as nothing is marked.")

So in answer to those who asked about using GPS in Eastern Europe, yes it is possible. It may say "Sputnik" on the unit instead of Garmen but they do work. :wink:
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