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My new TTOne!!

mikelep 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
So I got the TTone and have yet to take it in the car. I have been playing with it and have a few questions about it already (please forgive me if the questions gets answered when I actually use it).

1) is there a way to see all the street names? I live in Chicago and I would like to see each street as I pass them so I know when to start looking for the street I want.

2) is there a way to cancel a trip? I started at my home and I saved my work address. So let's say I am driving to work and dont have to go in, how can I cancel it so it won't give me directions to work.

I'm sure there will be many other questions to come.


  • Tim 1501 Points
    1) As you are driving you should see most, if not all of the street names as they get close. You might not see that when panning the map while not moving/navigating.

    2) Menu --> Next --> Next --> clear route. That will do the trick.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    ahhh thanks, the clearing thing was driving me crazy. Is there anything I should do now before I take it on the road? Update it etc? It also says that I get free traffic though Dec. 31, 2006!! WTF? Is that right? I need to go back in time to get the free traffic?
  • Tim 1501 Points
    I'd just take it and drive for now. Worry about the updates later. I can't think of anything critical that has been fixed recently.

    As far as I know their traffic service is still free anyway.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    Is it always on? Won't be able to use it til late tomorrow:(
  • Tim 1501 Points
    Is what always on? Traffic reporting? The service requires a connection to a compatible Bluetooth phone with a data service plan from your carrier.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    Yes, sorry I meant is traffic always on. So if I don't have a bluetooth phone then I can't get it? So basically my phone tells my One where the traffic is? Also how did I get a picture on under my name? It's pretty cool, I like it!
  • Tim 1501 Points
    Correct, if you don't have a compatible phone and data plan then you can't get the live traffic reporting on the ONE.

    I added the pic. :)
  • Tim 1501 Points
    Hmmm... I haven't heard of that error before. What it is telling you is that there was an error updating the QuickFix info.

    (Long story short on QuickFix). In order to acquire information from the satellites, GPS devices need to "listen" for them. In order to listen, they can either just guess where it might listen for the satellites, or with a technology like QuickFix it can predict up to a week or so in advance where the satellites will be at any given time/location and will then know where to listen and thus get a signal faster.

    So as long as your device is getting satellite reception then that particular update isn't critical to you know. Not having encountered that error before, I'm not sure what to do about it other than to try uninstalling TomTom HOME, downloading the latest version from their website (if you installed it from the CD) and then trying again.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    I tried deleting my post, the error went away when I downloaded the newest TomTom home. Thanks though.
  • Tim 1501 Points
    No problem. I saw that the post disappeared after I replied.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    Got another question as I play with the One, is there a way to see what kind POI it is, meaning if it's a restaurant, which one it is, McDonalds, Wendys, etc?
  • Tim 1501 Points
    Not on the map display itself. The only exception is that there are a few free POI databases you can download from TomTom for individual chains that will have their icon displayed instead of the generic restaurant icon.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    Does the Nuvi350 have this feature? I cannot even click on the restaurant icon to see what restaurant it is (or can I?). I can't find directions to where I am to the restaurant (or can I?) This is a feature I think I will want to have. Today is the big test day. I'll post-up when I get back on hoiw I feel about the One. Thanks again for the help.
  • Tim 1501 Points
    No, the Nuvi doesn't have that feature. On the TomTom you can get that info by going to the menu --> next --> Browse Map. Center on your GPS position if you need to with the icon in the top right, or pan the map as necessary. From this mode you can click on the POI icon and view the name of the POI as well as the phone number.
  • Tim 1501 Points
    Also, note that you might not ordinarily search for a POI by the map view. (Or you might think you will but find that in reality you might not.) The 'Navigate to' --> Point of Interest --> (relative location) --> then picking the category Restaurant is more powerful than just browsing the map. Here you can search by restaurant name or just view everything closest to you.

    If you are navigating to a destination and want to stop for a restaurant break it is easiest to go to 'Find Alternative' --> 'Travel via' --> Point of Interest --> (relative location) --> POI category. Using this feature you can also search by name and it will show you if the POI is directly on your route or slightly off your route based on the icon.

    I almost never browse the map to search for POIs. Let the GPS do the work by figuring how how far away it is and being able to search by name.

    Just in case I wasn't clear before, from the Browse map mode in my previous response, after you have clicked on the icon to see the name and number you can quickly create a route to that location with the funny looking blue cursor icon.

    The trouble with finding POIs on the normal 3D display is that it will just "look" in your current/most recent direction.
  • No, the Nuvi doesn't have that feature. On the TomTom you can get that info by going to the menu --> next --> Browse Map. Center on your GPS position if you need to with the icon in the top right, or pan the map as necessary. From this mode you can click on the POI icon and view the name of the POI as well as the phone number.
    In fact, the Nuvi doesn't display POI's on the map at all. I spent quite a bit of time talking with a Garmin rep at Best Buy, and that was one of the things I liked about the TomTom One over the Garmin. I like the idea of being able to "see" that a few restaurants are coming up shortly...

    I find that using the Browse map option to interrogate POI's is fussy at best (but I have fat fingers...)

    One way to figure out what restauarant is close to you is:

    Main->Find Alternative->Travel Via->POI->POI near you->Restaurant

    Which then gives a list sorted by distance.

    I've only had my TomTom One for a couple days, but I really like it...
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