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Traveling and Geocaching with Magellan 2000... Possible?

cdsillers 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I currently have a Nuvi 660 and I love it for not only traveling, but also for Geocaching. I would like to purchase a cheaper version for my adult kids to Geocache with me, as well as travel. I was looking at the Magellan 2000. Does it have a coordinates screen that would work for Geocaching?


  • I am not familier with Geocaching but if you mean by instant location where; Direction, Lat and Long are shown? On the 6000T it has a Location Key and looking at the Magellan page (the 2000) has the same function. I think the purpose is for emergencies like breakdowns and acccidents but I have found it to be a good feature just for the info. Hope this helps!!

  • Tim 1479 Points
    Bill is correct, the 2000 does have a "Location" screen which will show you your latitude and longitude which could then be used for geocaching. Although I have not yet used the 2000, you might also be able to use their POI Manager application to load coordinates of the geocache ahead of time.
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