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Using a US Purchased Garmin c340 in Europe (Ireland).

I recently purchased a c340 in the US and am a big fan of the product. I have used it in the tri state area and in Florida.

In July, I am heading to Ireland. Roads in Ireland are pretty confusing (No Zip codes) so I am really hoping to use the Garmin there. I have read that the recently released Navteq data for there is pretty good.

My question is pretty basic, but I will admit that I found the Garmin site a bit confusing (They should get the same guy who designed the UI on the device itself :) )

1) If I buy a "pre loaded" SD with the UK & Ireland, Do I have to do anything? Do I just plug it in and drive off into the sunset?. (No unlocking, etc).
2) The SD is $180. Is loading Ireland data possible via the unlock/DVD/MapSource method, is it cheaper?
3) Is the pre-loaded information protcted? (i.e, I cant "wipe" the unit)

Thank You in Advance.


  • Tim 1497 Points
    1) If you buy the preloaded SD card you just plugin and go.

    2) The SD card is cheaper because you can just purchase the UK & Ireland card versus purchasing all of Europe from MapSource.
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