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TomTom One update error message

ecod123 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Just unpacked my new TomTom One and tried updating via TomTom Home. 2nd of 2 updates (GPS Fix?) generated the following error message: "cannot install this item: Ephemeris file: This file is included with the item but should not be there: ito.dat"

Should this be of concern?


  • mikelep 0 Points
    I had the same problem with mine, you need to update your Tom home or whatever it's called, then update your One. Should work.
  • ecod123 0 Points
    Thanks Mike. After I posted my question, I read Tim's response to one of your earlier thread and indeed, the new download helped. Hope you are having fun with your TT1. It's my first GPS so it's a whole new adventure for me.
  • ecod123 0 Points
    TT email response:

    Thank you for contacting our Support department. We appreciate your recent inquire expressing your interest on your navigator. This message is concerning the situation with a file you can not install via the unit's update; we'll be glad to be of assistance.

    At this point, I’m allowed to inform you that this occurrence is a known issue and our developers are already working on it. We value our customer's input and appreciate the time you have taken to provide yours.

    We are allowed to inform you that this file you cannot install is used to run the ‘QuickGPSfix’ service in your device. This feature enhances the system’s functionality to obtain GPS signal; being a unique free service that comes standard with certain TomTom units.

    Thus, if you are interested in the ‘QuickGPSfix’ feature, the “Ephemeris” file will create problems to use it. To fix this happening it is required that you conveniently rename this item: you’ll have to do it on the actual unit.

    This can be done through the ‘My computer’ option, and the TomTom device should be recognized as a removable drive by Windows. If you double click on the device, you will be able to find this file and you can rename it. Please rename it to “ ephe old .file “ and then ‘QuickGPSfix’ will download it normally.

    Nevertheless, we value our customer's input and appreciate the time you have taken to provide yours. But, unfortunately, we do not currently have definitive information regarding your request. We will let you know through the TomTom newsletters when this information becomes available.

    Thanks for choosing TomTom as your portable navigation system, & don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance via e-mail or please call us at 1-866-486-6866 (Monday through Saturday 8:30 am to 7:00 pm EST). At TomTom we believe in showing you the way, the easy way.

    Kind Regards,
    ßen & the TomTom Customer Support Team

    Interesting that TT did not ask me to just install via download of TT Home version from their website. Since I did not encounter the same error after reinstalling TT Home via download from their website, I guess I will not tinker with the suggested file.
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