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weekend reviews

mikelep 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
So I took my new One to rural Ohio (near Columbus). Here's what I thought:
First the negatives:
1) very hard to select or find the right roads I wanted. I had to click on the road as a waypoint (I think) and then it would do it.
2) I couldn't find out what POIs there were, I mean, I saw restaurant but I couldn't find out which one it was. Tim- I didn't try what you told me to, but I will.
3) there were very limited stores, stored. I was right outside a Lowes and it couldn't pick it up, as well with other major stores: Target, Kmart, etc. Is that the norm?
4) Going down there it picked up all the rural streets, on the way home, on a 4 lane highway, I was in the middle of no where, I mean the background was green and there was the triangle, this happened until we hit another major highway and then everything went normal.

1) easy to use ,clean and simple
2) was able to use it in rural places
3) pretty accurate execpt for Neg #4
4) the text route was really helpful to find the right course
5) the screen never lost any color even in bright sunlight

All in all I am very happy. For a first time user, I really liked it and completely happy with it. Things I wish it had:
1) Clickable POI to tell me what they were
2) easier way to pick the roads I want to take
3) text to speech--but I knew it didn't have that
4) bigger screen- I knew that too


  • Tim 1482 Points
    3) GPS devices don't contain all businesses. In fact, some identical models are occasionally sold at different prices with the only difference being the number of POIs. For example the same device could come with 1 million POIs for $300, 5 million POIs for $350, and 12 million POIs for $400. Most devices won't even come close to the number of actual businesses out there, including the major retailers.

    4) That is odd. I'm not sure what to make of it. Can you go back and browse the map and verify that the road you were traveling on is at least in the database?

    One other note. What would your suggestion be to TomTom to make it easier to select the roads you want? I'm not trying to say that it is easy.... just trying to get a feel for what you are trying to do to see if there are any hints I can give you.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    Well the route it gave me took mostly smaller highways, whereas I wanted 80/90 which is a major, much faster route. I had to change my course by clicking on 80/90 to get me to go that way. No big deal just took awhile to figure out.
  • mikelep 0 Points
    Maybe a feature that has several routes planned out and you can pick the one you want. I know this feature is in Acura cars, does it come in any other models?
  • Tim 1482 Points
    I know the Dash devices coming out later this summer will have that feature. I seem to recall there was another more obscure company (maybe it was Alpine?) that offered multiple routes like that.
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