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TomTom GO 910 Discontinued

Patrick 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I called a local CarToys today and asked about the GO 910. They said that it had been discontinued and was going to be replaced with a new model that had a bigger hard drive and a few minor upgrades. They did not know the new model name/number. Any idea what the new model is or its specs?


  • Patrick 0 Points
    I called TomTom today. They said the GO 910 was NOT being discontinued. :D They did confirm that a new model was coming out. Apparently, CarToys is no longer going to carry the 910. Rather they will carry the new high-end TomTom. TomTom would not tell me the name of the new unit saying that has not yet been released publicly, but did say that it was coming out this summer. If anyone find any info on the new unit, please post it here.
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