TOMTOM 1XLS Map Version

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My father in law is running 7.167. Is this the latest and greatest map?




  • That looks like an application version, not a map version.
  • Correct (as usual).

    I called him back and the Map is USA_and_Canada v710.1575


  • There are newer maps than that out. I can't recall what the latest number is right now, but there is something more current.
  • Thank you.
  • I believe the latest version is v7.15
  • Latest map is Ver7.20
  • Latest map is Ver7.20
    I just bought a ONE 130 and it's reporting Version 715.1712 for USA and Canada. I thought TomTom would update any device to the latest maps within 30 days of purchase. How do I do that?

    Edit: Oh, I see. Under the Tools menu, "Use Latest Map Guarantee."
  • Install the TOM tom home software. Connect your Tom Tom. One of the options along the top is latest map guarantee. Follow the prompts.
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