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I am very impressed with my Garmin 330, I drove 900 miles from North Texas to North of Chicago and it took me right on through to my via point turn by turn with out error.
My question to you reading this is, where can one buy updated SD cards, with updated maps and points of intrest? When I am driving the Garmin 330 does not show what City or town one is driving through. Does a person buy the SD cards with certain areas programed, U S states, or regions? I have a hand held Garmin Legend cx and I also have Map Source on my PC, which I down load different areas from any where in the U S. When I down load from my Map Source to my hand held it shows extreme amount of info on my hand held, Cities, towns, points of intrest and so on and when using this hand help, it does show what town and what points of intrest are at my location. My question is, has any one out there down loaded from Map Source to a SD card and used it on the Garmin 330 GPS? Please give me some tips as to how to update this Garmin 330 that has old map info. It seems the map info on this unit is about 2 or 3 years old. Please help...Thanks, Ed in North Texas.


  • Tim 1497 Points
    My question to you reading this is, where can one buy updated SD cards, with updated maps and points of intrest?
    You can purchase updated maps directly from Garmin. You can purchase either the DVD and create SD cards yourself, or purchase pre-programmed SD cards.
  • ETR 0 Points
    Tim, thanks for the reply. Now which pre-program SD cards or DVD would be best for points of intrest for my Street Pilot 330? It seems that many of the software is not compatible for voice instruction GPS, such as my Street Pilot 330. Has any one out there used any of the software for this unit? If so, which would you recomend? I am new and just need a little help. Thanks in advance.... Ed
  • Tim 1497 Points
    The SD cards and the DVD contain the same information and the same detail level. The only difference (for the same region coverage) is in the delivery format. One comes loaded on SD cards and the other comes on DVD for you to make your own SD cards or load directly to your device if there is space available.
  • ETR 0 Points
    Thanks again Tim. Now, other than buying the loaded SD card from Garmin, does any one else sell the SD card, such as Wall Mart, Best Buy, Pro Bass, etc.?? Ed
  • Tim 1497 Points
    Yes, many of the places that sell GPS devices will also carry the MapSource products. Which one are you looking for?
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