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Harman Karden GPS 500 and 300

deedee 0 Points
I think I've read your entire site, best review site of any I have ever read.

You gave me good advice and information to my questions and thought my mind was made up. While looking for which Garmin to buy, I saw the HK-GPS 500 and soon to come GPS-300 at very impressive prices on Crutchfield's site. The screen photo was very nice and clear, I liked the colors as easy to read text is real important to me needing reading glasses that I can't wear when driving .

The few user reviews I've found are a mixed bag, they love it , needs a few improvements but overall like it and a few "it broke" and support is nonexistent. The manufacturers site doesn't say much. I usually look for where and what is available for updates, bug fixes etc, nothing is there. I can't tell if POI's can be added.

Is anyone using this GPS? Is there software for updates or bug fixes ? I downloaded the manual,I thought it would at least give a different website address for owners, not there either!



  • Tim 1484 Points
    You may want to check out this thread where Harman Kardon support was briefly discussed. And I assume you have read our review of their GPS 500.

    Minus a few shortcomings, notably interface speed, I think the device is fantastic.
  • deedee 0 Points
    I did miss that post before, so I guess I didn't read the whole site (or didn't retain it!).

    I am intrigued by the Harman GPS units. I am confused with the little info Amazon has on the coming 300 model it conflicts with Crutchfields, Amazon says it has a CF slot, Crutchfield's says SD.

    I emailed HK with a few questions as well. I am curious if POI's can be added at all and if an "owners" support site will be added for updates, new features etc. I asked when the 300 will be released too. I was real close to ordering a Nuvi 660 but if I can find one cheaper that I can easily see.....

    I'll post again if I hear from them and learn anything new.

  • Tim 1484 Points
    The slot should be SD, not CF.

    I don't see any supported way to add POIs to the 500, so I doubt that will exist on the 300.

    The 300 should be available in about 4-5 weeks I've been told.
  • deedee 0 Points
    Just to update, I heard back from HK the same evening I wrote to them. He confirmed there was no way to add POI at this time but they will be adding a support site for owners.

    When we were out shopping, my husband begged me to stop agonizing - just buy a GPS so I did get the Nuvi 660. Just no comparison on the clearness of the screen vs the Nuvi 360 or SP 550.

    I have been really pleased at how many stores, gas stations etc show in this little town. It's been fun trying it out around home to get a feel for how it routes. If only "she" didn't sound so annoyed when it says recalculating! I think my husband is impressed , his first reaction was it was unnecessary as he can read a map (retired helicopter pilot) though admits his map won't tell us how far to gas or food or give us a phone number to check ahead to rent a room if we get tired of driving. Those were my main reasons for wanting one.

    Next time, the Harman units will have more of a record and I will definately take a look again.

    Thanks for the help I got here! I'll be checking out new reviews as I have a feeling this will be like buying the first computer, never will want to be without one again.
  • Tim 1484 Points
    Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
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