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new home program

grieco 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I have the 510 and the CD that came with it I used to install home on my
PC when i run the home it says no gps is connected, even though i have
it in the dock and the usb connected. I called tom tom and they advised
that I download a new version of home because they are having issuses
with the old one. well i did that and it won't install because they say it is
not compatable with my windows me operating system. maybe tim or
someone else might help me using my existing home. Do you connect
the 510 in the dock first then connect the usb cable to the pc for the home
program to start thanks


  • Tim 1480 Points
    You might be in a catch-22. The last version of TomTom HOME that was compatible with Windows ME was 1.3. Anything later than that will not work properly with Windows ME.

    More info and link to 1.3 version.
  • tomj03 0 Points
    Connect but don't turn on your TomTom. Fire up Home, turn on your TomTom. It will ask 'Do you want to connect ...', touch the 'yes' button.

    If nothing happens, try clicking on 'My Device' at the bottom right of Home.
  • grieco 0 Points
    I reinstalled the older home program that can with the510 and did connected it like you guys said and it is working. it is the only one that works with my windows me computer, the rep i talked to on the phone
    at tom tom said the newer version of maps is available to me for download
    or by mail for just shipping. I don't have high speed internet so the CD
    was my best bet it came in 4 days. but i am not going to install them yet
    and maybe screw it up if it don't work with the older version of my home
    program. got a trip coming up so I'll leave well enough alone
  • jaw407 0 Points
    How and where find Tom Tom Home?
  • Tim 1480 Points
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