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How to Effectively Ask for Help

Tim 1500 Points
edited July 2014 in GPS Recommendations
• If it was as simple as just telling you "XYZ is the best GPS for $400", this website wouldn't exist. We want to find which device will be the best for you-- not the best GPS for us.

• Let us know what type of activity or activities you will be using your GPS for... car navigation, hiking, paddle sports, etc.

• Let us know what areas or countries you need maps for.

• If you have a few devices in mind, let us know, and let us know how you came to that conclusion.

• If you have more than one or two questions, please number your questions to make it easier for people to respond without restating your question.

• Try to describe how you think you might commonly use the device. If you are a salesman visiting 50 locations per day-- that is important information for us to know.

• We assume everyone wants an "accurate" GPS that doesn't route you "in circles" so there is probably no need in mentioning that. :)

• Try to give us an idea of your "tastes" when it comes to gadgets and gizmos. Do you like lots of configuration options, and something that is highly customizable or something that you just take out of the box and it "just works"? Most people will be somewhere in between, but give us an idea of how savvy you are with consumer electronics.

If someone answers you who has the following icon below their username, you can feel very confident they gave you some sound advice. They won't always agree with each other, but in general these are "above average" members. They might have brand preferences, but that is okay.
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