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What I would like to see in an Auto Navigator.

terranaut 0 Points
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Speed Sensitive map zooming.

By this I mean, when I am barrelling down the interstate, or other major road at the speed limit ;), I would like the display to be zoomed out as far as possible, only displaying other major roads in the vicinity plus any other road that the device is directing me to travel down.

When I slow down, either due to traffic or speed limit, I would like my device to zoom in to show roads that I could divert my route incase of traffic or other obstruction in the immediate vicinity.

For a crude example of what I am talking about, look at the Grand Theft Auto series of games, 1 & 2 zoom out the playing area based on the speed of the vehicle, whilst 3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS zoom out the map. I am not looking for something that spectacular, just for the device to switch between it's zoom levels based on the speed that it calculates that it is travelling at.

Whilst I am not in the market for a new GPS system right now, I would be interested to know whether any devices exist with this feature.


  • Tim 1482 Points
    Of course most devices do zoom in and out based on your speed, which is what I would call speed sensitive zooming. But what I think you are really asking for here is speed sensitive map detail.

    I'll have to double check out on the road, but I think you will find the TomTom devices do something similar to that... but maybe not exactly as you describe. For example near where I live there is a local road which runs parallel to the Interstate, only a few hundred feet away. While at Interstate speeds on the Interstate, the TomTom has zoomed out far enough to see about half a mile of the road ahead, yet it does not display the nearby parallel road since it is largely inaccessible to me from my current position.

    Another example of this is in the GPS 500 from Harman Kardon. When you get on the Interstate and are going to be there for some time (or even if you are going to be on a local road for a long time without a turn) the device will zoom out far enough that it displays everything between you and the next turn. (I'm not sure what the cut-off is for this to happen and what the zoom levels are.) But for example last week I was on the Interstate and my exit was in about 20 miles. The device zooms out far enough that I can see the next exit on the display, 20 miles ahead. Likewise I was using it on a state road last night and had 5 miles to the next turn, the unit again zoomed out only showing bigger roads and showing 5 miles ahead.
  • terranaut 0 Points
    Just my luck, to own the Magellan RM 6000T, which does not have speed sensitive zoom (If it does, someone tell me how to enable it).
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