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TeleNav and Blackberry

gatorguy 332 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Anyone have any use experience with Telenav gps software on the Blackberry's? Any comments?


  • Tim 1502 Points
    Yup... got one in my hand... what do you want to know?
  • gatorguy 332 Points
    Whose map do they use and how effective for you when a PND isn't handy

    (Yeah, like that's happened recently)
  • gatorguy 332 Points
    Duh. . . The map supplier wouldn't happen to start w/ T E L E would it?

    Also Telenav traffic looks fairly effective for my area (Tampa/Orlando). Is it an improvement over whats available from TT/Garmin?
  • Tim 1502 Points
    Don't get confused by the "tele", they have licensed data from both, but are currently using NAVTEQ maps.

    It will get you from point A to point B provided you have cell coverage and can get a GPS signal. The GPS chipset isn't as strong as the PNDs you are used to. The tiny screen takes some getting used to, as does the crappy Blackberry speaker. Full review is obviously forthcoming. :)
  • gatorguy 332 Points
    Even tho I'm working on being more well-rounded (my wife says I'm already round enough), I think I should perhaps wait on your review. BTW, Tim, which Blackberry?
  • Tim 1502 Points
    BTW, Tim, which Blackberry?
    ummm.... I'm not sure... It is black. 8800 the box says.
  • gatorguy 332 Points
    Yeah, I got the "black" one too :lol:

    Curve, 8330. I just don't have the "deep" pockets you do. Just look at all your toys! 8)
  • Tim 1502 Points
    This one is a loaner. :)
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