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Destination Errors for POIs and more

tccastle 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I have recently acquired a TomTom One and have synchronized everything with TomTom Home and all has updated automatically. When I took my One for a test run, I punched in a POI (Point of Interest) and instead of taking me to a restaurant in town, it took me to a residential area and said I had reached my destination. LIAR! :x I tried another POI and the same thing happened. Then today I entered the address of another location in town and is correct to a certain point and then it takes me somewhere totally different. Everything is updated and although I am running version 660 USA and Canada, it tells me there are no updates. Would the Version 665 make a difference? This is really frustrating with a new unit fresh out of the box that is supposed to be so "simple." Simple at screwing up maybe. I suppose it can't be the satellites and my reception is strong. Should I delete my current Version and try to download 665? Any help would be very appreciated...



  • tomj03 0 Points
    North_America map is usually better than USA_Canada version, but that requires a 2G SD card.
    It takes time to get familiar with your TomTom. I can't explain why TomTom got you to the wrong place but it can be one of the following:

    1- Wrong East (West) for the same street
    2- Same street that span several towns

    When you enter the house number , and TomTom spits out 'not found' message and suggests a new value that's far off then you'd better cross check it with Google Map or something (compare the coordinates).
    As for POI , I don't trust these blindly.
  • tccastle 0 Points
    For now, as long as the addresses I enter will get to the correct destination, the POI is by far secondary to me. Still, when the ONE brags about this feature, it should work. The last address I tried that did not work did include a E vs. W for the street. Your analysis does match. My small city is somewhat obscure. I hope to try this in a large city and hopefully will have better success. I appreciate your notes.

  • Tim 1480 Points
    A third reason to add to tomj03's list is that the map could have labeled where each street number is on that street incorrectly. So the POI could have the correct street and number attached but how far down the road each POI is could be incorrect if the underlying address numbers for that street are incorrect.

    As towns and cities transition into E-911 I've seen lots of towns (especially in more rural areas) renumber their streets. If those instances of renumbering haven't been updated in the underlying map database (even if the POI has been updated) it could cause an issue.
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