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Viewing the address's in your favorites

n8900498 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I have recently bought a TomTom One and added an address as a favorite. Unfortuately when I arrived at the destination I couldn't look up the house number that I entered into the favorites.

Can anyone tell me how you could view an address that you have added as a favorite

Thank You


  • Tim 1480 Points
    I've gotten into the habit of adding the street number into the name of the favorite, but there is a bit of a workaround you can use to find the street number. Not something you might want to do if you are the one driving, but it will work.

    Go to page 2 of the menu, 'Browse Map' --> 'Find' --> 'Favorite', then select the favorite. It will now display on the map. Zoom all of the way in on the favorite as far as the zoom slider will go. Now click just to one side of the star icon and it should display the street name and number where you clicked. Then do the same on just the other side of the star icon. From that you should be able to interpolate the street number.
  • n8900498 0 Points

    Thanks for the amazing quick response. I tried what you suggested and it worked but it is not quite accurate. I was just hoping you could view the address in a Favorite.

    Now I know to put the house number as part of the name of the favorite...Thanks for the tip
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