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inVion GPS-3V4

websquad 0 Points
Yesterday I was lured into JCPenney and purchased an inVion GPS-3V4 for $170 with a $40 rebate. I found no mention of inVion on this forum, and only after a lot of searching did I stumble onto Apparently the full product number is 3V406 and is available only from their "retail partner" JCPenny. Here are the features advertised on their website:

• GPS Navigation
• 3.5" LCD Touch Screen
• Millions of POI’s
• Spoken directions
• Built-in memory with fully loaded maps of US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
• MP3 /Movie player
• Screen resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
• Operating System: Windows CE 4.2
• Processor speed: 400 Mhz
• Built-in SD/MMC slot
• Mapping by Navteq
• Destinator interface
• Built-in antenna
• Suction mount w/bracket
• 1GB internal memory
• 12V car adaptor
• 1 year warranty
• (SD card sold separately)

I downloaded the 50-page user manual (pdf format) ...

So, as a first GPS, is this (net) $130 product a good buy for me?


  • websquad 0 Points
    inVion is a trade name for "Support Plus North America" -- they are the manufacturers of these products. Apparently they do not make their own maps and software, but has a contract with the navigation software company Distinator Technologies, who use Navteq mapping. The inVion website indicates that these maps are updated annually. The link to get updated maps is broken.

    Another FAQ indicates that the latest map was revised in November 2006. Either the maps are out-of-date or the website is ....

    Curious !!
  • Tim 1467 Points
    The trouble with devices like that is that many of those companies won't be around in another year or so when you need a map update or some sort of a service issue. Unfortunately, we see that happening quite often with these smaller, largely unknown brands that are outsourcing the entire product-- they just stick their own name on it.

    For that price these would be a better option giving you a more current product, better support, and from companies that will very likely be around for much longer.
  • websquad 0 Points
    Thanks for the feedback. My caution with this device is witnessed by the fact that I never took out my box cutter and attacked the molded plastic case that it came in! So, back to JCPenney it goes.

    Here are my requirements:

    • > Price point, apx $200 USD
      > Sourced from a major manufacturer
      > Purchased locally (Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc.)
      > Replacement maps accessable
      > Prefer 4.3" diag. screen

    Any recommendations at this point, or should I just wait ... I have no immediate travel plans and can wait ...
  • Tim 1467 Points
    I'd checkout one of these.
  • websquad 0 Points
    Alas, of the four recommendations, only the TomTom ONE XL-S has text-to-speech for spoken street names, and the only one of those at the $200 price point is a refurbished unit from CompUSA, who closed the local store a few months ago.

    So, I'll wait. Mixed reports on (a subscription service), but mostly good. These reviews tend to be outliers ... very good or very bad.

    So, I'll wait !! Thanks for your help!

  • patruns 10 Points
    Wait a little longer and you should see a large price reduction of the ONE XL-S as it goes into retirement and stores want to clear their inventory.
  • I've had the same Invion 3v406 GPS for over 2 years now. When I was reading this forum I thought "wow, I guess there's a lot of skepticism about it." I had a problem when the power button broke, but the company replaced the unit and all I paid was the $3 to ship it to the company.
    The Maps for this GPS was very tricky to find. Invion did not offer a newer map than February 2007, and now the company offers an exchange program if you want an updated unit. For $99, you send in your old GPS and they send you a new one with the latest map. After doing some more searching I realized why Invion, and other companies who used that version of the Navteq software had to bail and go with something different because the company who made the mapping software had changed hands, and now is doing something else.
    But out of luck I found a sort of underground movement where the Destinator software is still alive and I was able to download a maps as new as 3rd quarter 2009. You're not allowed to post links here but just send me a message and I'll share with you. You just download the map, unstuff (about 150 MB) and place it on your SD card, then place into your Invion GPS. I tested it out today and my invisible streets were finally there :D
    (If the moderator checks it out and allows me to, I'll post the link)
    By the way, I love my GPS, it plays movies, music, and pictures, and gets me where I need to go. I'm very happy with it!
  • dhn 328 Points
    Any discussion of illegal or hacked maps or other gps software is totally inappropriate here or on any other legitimate gps site.

    So, no, there will not be any posting of links to underground sites allowed here.
  • I'm new here and understand, and I mean no disrespect. The other web site is not an underground site, but another forum site similar to this one. They just offer free maps, that's all. The map I downloaded seems to be official, not hacked, and worked seemlessly.
    The main reason I even joined the discussion was to let people who are fustrated with the lack of support from their GPS companies, know not to get discouraged, and there are solutions if you search for them, even if it's outside the box (meaning outside the usual big corporations).
  • Boyd 1953 Points
    The main reason I even joined the discussion was to let people who are fustrated with the lack of support from their GPS companies, know not to get discouraged
    Well your motives were good, but I don't think there's a lot of pent-up frustration about this, seeing as nobody has posted in this thread for almost two years until you came along. :)

    I don't know what the site is that you're referring to (and don't want to know), but it would be very unusual to find a free, legal map from 3Q 2009.
  • I totally just got one of these GPS's on EBAY. how ever the map it has is only for the mid west... like 5 states only. im in arizona and totally need some new maps. the only problem is that i cant find them anywhere. i have been searching for three days now... if i cant get any hope ill have to return it. but please help me.

  • Hey javaman42 i would appreciate if u could send me the link to the website to get the map updates, Im having the same problem with my model.
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