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Magellan 1412 - My quick review

sportster64 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Just got the M1412 RM from Costco. First off I'm new to car GPS's. I also have the tomtom one 130. The 1412 the first thing I noticed was that I could not change the default arrow icon to comething different/smaller. The car was at a physical road BEFORE the map arrow was showing it at the road which is telling me that the processor is either slower or bogged down compared to my tt130. The 1412 also could not display my speed when navigating/routing which I found annoying. You can display the spped but not when in navigation mode. The interface was easy to learn and quite simple. One thing the 1412 has over the tt130 that I liked was that it has a built in altimeter to display altitude. If only I could put those items on the navigation screen.


  • cz9h3d 0 Points
    Playing around with the 1412 at Costco, I notice that it has larger directional arrows on the roadway to indicate direction compared to my 3225 (i.e. continue straight or turn - I believe they were large yellow arrows versus the smaller blue ones on the 3225). I didn't notice any other differences (I've upgraded my 3225 to the 6M POI's). I'll probably pick one up and compare the two to determine if I prefer the larger screen or more compact size.

    In regards to showing speed - Yea, the TomTom's have a lot of data that can be shown on the map screen, I'm just not sure why I'd want to see my vehicle speed on the map versus on my vehicle speedometer!
  • The reason to see your speed via a GPS device - easy - most car analog odometers are usually off 2-3 mph depending on your speed. GPS speeds are often closer in calibration to actual radar speeds, which means I would rather know the gps speed versus what my car says I'm moving.
  • cz9h3d 0 Points
    Hmmmmm - I work in the auto industry (former engineer, now a marketing type). I noticed that my GPS speed was about 3-4mph higher than my speedo on the way home yesterday - although the GPS speed does jump around a little bit. I'm gonna have to talk to some of my engineering buddies on this one. Odometers have to be pretty darn perfect, and speedos use the same information (its all digital these days)

    I was going to tell you if you drink Coke and Pop Rocks at the same time, your head will explode, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt until I investigate whether this is an urban legend or not. Regardless, it does signify a certain level of "analness" on your part - but hey, I've been researching these dumb things for the last 3 weeks since I bought a 3225 on a trip, so I'm no better!

    Back to the 1412, I did break down and pick one up at Costo today so I could compare it to my 3225. The maps are newer - 31 vs. 29, whatever that means. I looked up a missing road that's about 1 year or so old, and neither unit shows it. The 3225 is a quite a bit "snappier" for turning on and getting through the legal disclaimer screen. The 1412 "looks" a lot thicker, but I think 95% is just an optical allusion - the 3225 design minimizes its appearance of thickness.
  • cz9h3d 0 Points
    The 1412 definitely shows itself to have an updated map screen compared to the 3225. I'm "leaning" towards the 3225 due to it's more compact size and quicker response in menus, but the 1412 map screen is holding me back from making a final decision. Using them tonight, the difference was even more dramatic!

    1412 Improvements:
    -More useful as a general map, as more roads are shown sooner in better detail than the 3.5" 3225
    -Fonts for road names are clearer. 3225 seems to outline the black letters in white. 1412 doesn't, seems like it's taking advantage of its higher resolution? Also shows names for more roads sooner (as there are more on the 4.3" screen!)
    -Better in nightmode, roads are more of a gray/blue vs. white on 3225, which really makes it softer on the eyes
    -Louder speaker. I had no complaints on the 3225, but the 1412 is quite a bit louder.
    -POI database is bigger, 255MB vs. 195MB. I moved the larger over to my 3225 (2GB memory is almost full now), and it works, although the order of the categories are still different between the two units....strange, but they now have the same number of top-level categories (I had already upgraded my 3225 to the 6M POI database prior, which I believe probably came from a 4250 from late last year).

    The 1412 doesn't announce "recalculating route", which I probably only miss as I am use to it on the 3225.

    I think POI's in general are one of the best things to have on a GPS. I'd rather have a larger POI database than some of the other "bells/whistles" that I wouldn't use.

    Overall, it's amazing what one can get for $150!! My company charges $2300 for an OEM unit!

    Here's a comparison of the two screens in nightmode...I had the 3225 brightness down all the way - 1412 one level up from lowest.
    HEY!!! You can see your vehicle speed as long as you don't set a destination!!!
  • crossnet 0 Points
    I also have been comparing these two units and generally agree with sportster64. But, I found the 1412 to have a lower screen brightness than the 3225. This made it a little difficult to read on a sunny day while wearing sunglasses.

    Has anyone else noticed this or is it just my unit?

  • JasonA 0 Points
    No problems with the brightness here, unless the sun is shining directly on it.

    I've had this about a week now and have been very pleased! The accuracy has been excellent, and personally I'm VERY happy that it doesn't say "recalculating route" out loud. It's not all that snappy, but for $150 I'm more than satisfied.

    BTW, can different voices be put on this unit? The TTS has amazingly pronounced every road correctly so far, even thinks like Acacia that I thought would mess it up, but the voice is a bit bland. :wink:
  • gordito96 0 Points
    I have charged my 1412 for about two hours and battery indicator was 3/4 of battery life when I unplug the power from the outlet. The 1412 specs states that it will last for about three hours with brightness dim and it my unit only lasted for less than a half hour. Is anybody experiencing same issue? Thanks.i
  • island 0 Points
    I'm new here, and I have some questions that I hope someone with this device can answer.

    Does the Magellan 1412 come with any mapping software to load on my PC?
    Specifically, I'm wondering if I can do either or both of these:
    1) plan a route on the PC and transfer to the 1412
    2) hook the 1412 up to my PC after a trip and review where I drove.

    I see the online manual says the unit can store addresses, but can these be brought to my PC?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Tim 1486 Points
    No, unfortunately you can't do either of those.
  • island 0 Points
    Thank you for the quick reply to my questions.
    I still may get one to use as a in vehicle only device. I like the low cost and larger screen.
  • thefargon 0 Points
    I have been using a 3225 for the past couple of weeks with 1.3 MM POIs which takes around < 6-7 secs to search for a POI. I just got a new 1412 couple of days back but with 6 MM POIs, the device takes around 65-70 secs for a new search. Did someone notice this or is this a case with my device only? What are your observations with 1412? I would be interested to know how long the 3225 took to search for a POI with the updated 6 MM POI file?

    In addition, I do have a screen lag sometimes, especially with the back arrow and the letter "O" on the touch-pad. I am thinking of getting a new device and testing if the problem is common across all devices.
  • cz9h3d 0 Points
    Hey! Same two units I have at present. The 3225 is a little more responsive sometimes, especially for the first blue/legal screen. You can update your POIs by pulling the file off your 1412 and putting it on the 3225, which I did (US_48POI.POI - or something like that! Just drag/drop, and save your old POI file to your PC). I find access to POIs varies depending on how broad of a search you do. The 6M POIs will slow your 3225 down, but not enough for me to go back to the smaller number, and not as slow as the 1412.

    I've got to decide which to take back by this the bigger screen and updated night mode on 1412, like the compact size of 3225.
  • dealdoug 0 Points
    Can you tell me if the 1412 shows the overall route on one screen after calculating like nuvi, tomtom or navigon can do or do you have to zoom all the way out manually from the map to see it? I have a 4250 and the lack of this feature is making me nuts.
  • vleek 0 Points
    I have a Nuvi 200 and never saw such feature like "overall route look" I don't know about TomTom, but iGO has overview feature. Can you tell me how to force Nuvi200 to that mode?
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Tap on the green bar at the top with the next turn instruction, then click on 'Show Map'.
  • dealdoug 0 Points
    I got to try one today in the store and it appears to lack the "full route view" just like the 4250 and other magellans. It is amazing how such a major player has so little real world experience built into their products. Like not being able to search for poi's while on a route, unless you are on an interstate and even then only exit poi's. I tried a tomtom recently and it is just the opposite. Extremely intuitive. The unit works like you would think while traveling. It does what you need not what they think you need. What a difference.
  • thefargon 0 Points
    I guess what you are looking for can be found by tapping the "next turn signal" at the bottom left corner of your 1412 screen. It's basically the place which indicates whats the direction of your next turn. 1412 does give you a overall route calculated where you can choose to exclude certain routes.
  • thefargon 0 Points
    I haven't yet updated my 3225 with the 6MM POI file but the 1412 take like 70 secs to find the results (Near current location??). Is it possible to update the forum how long does it takes for your updated 3225 to show results.

    Personally, I like the colors of 1412 and I am willing to ignore the occasional freezing up. In addition, I like the ability to view surrounding roads on the big screen and the automatically re-routing. I, however haven't been able to figure out how to use SmartDetour functionality marketed in 1412. Any tips?

    I am probably keeping the 1412 unless someone can convince me otherwise :)
  • dealdug-
    I understand your desparities between the TT and the 1412 - The TT will give a better overview of the complete route including a graphical view of the actual route whereas the 1412 just will show the written directions when you preview the roads it has chosen for you. Another thing I discovered this weekend when I had both the TT130ONE and the 1412 on my dash was that the TT would show BOTH route names such as RT64 and common road names. The 1412 was only showing me the specific road names such as college avenue. While I guess that is good , I didn't even know that a rt64 road I had traveled for years was called 'college avenue'. The TT showed it as both 'rt64' and 'college avenue'.
  • craftsman 0 Points
    Could I improve the speed of the 1412 by shrinking the POI file? I want to keep all the frequently used POI like Restraunts and Gas Stations, but don't really need the Libraries and Hardwares. Has anyone tried removing unwanted POI categories to improve speed?
  • Tim 1486 Points
    I doubt you would see any significant improvement... if any at all.
  • Sam_W 0 Points
    I also find the battery life in my unit is a problem.

    I got the GPS two weeks ago. Each time after 20-30 minutes of using the GPS and charging the battery in one of my two cars, the GPS will run out of battery life in less than five minutes right after I take it out of a car.

    I used and charged it for more than three hours last Saturday and the took it out of car and never tried to turn it on until now (Tuesday). But it cannot be turned on because its battery is dead.

    I need to either return the unit or get an exchange.

  • websquad 0 Points
    (1) What does a map update for the 1412 cost?

    (2) How can you tell which map version/release you have on a 1412?
  • newuser 0 Points
    I have chance to compare M3225 (fw v1.36) and M1412 (fw v.124 and v1.34).

    -Compact and slick looking
    -Faster touch screen, faster routing
    -Smart spell does not support in some mode when you enter city name or street name. This should be corrected in future fw release.
    -1.3m POI (but can be upgrade to 6M by yourself)
    -Sometimes make stupid route when “recalculate route”. M1412 doing much better

    -Large screen with more info on the map.
    -Newer map
    -Louder speaker, richer sound
    -Slower for routing, very slow if you want to see maneuver list for a long route
    -Slower touch screen response.
    -Noticeable lag for map pan. Also the street name disappear during “pan”
    -Many duplicated POIs
    -Slower when search POIs.

    M1412 fw v1.34 improvements (vs. v1.24):
    -Faster touch screen response
    -Added small red dot for street name on map. Without this dot, you are hardly to tell which street this name belongs to, especially when you zoomed out a little bit.

    The POI files are not 100% compatible in M3225 and M1412. The M1412’s 6m POI cant’ copy to M3225 directly, or you will loss the capability to search the POI for “Near which city” (will gray out)

    An interesting difference between M3225 and M1412: When searching for a POI, M1412 tells you the distance to current location while M3225 tells you the distance to the search start location (a city center or an address). I don’t know which one makes more sense.

    Since the M1412 slower response seemed all happened when access POI and map files. I tried to replace the Map/POI SD card with a fast card (Sandisk Exterm III, 12 times faster than standard SD) to see if can improve the speed. But the new SD card can’t be recognized by this unit even I copied everything form the original SD card.

    The battery charger sometimes does not work on my unit. You need to make sure it is charging by switch to “User Option – System Settings” to see the battery bar is moving. If not, it is not charging (it may shows fully changed) and the battery will out of juice in few minutes once external power unplugged. You need to unplug the power and plug back again to make it work.

    I decide to keep the M1412
  • cz9h3d 0 Points
    This thread compares the same two units:;highlight=

    Similar decision I had a week or two ago. I didn't notice the POI files weren't compatible - I never search by city - so as I type this I'm putting the compatible 6M POI list back on my 3225 (easy to find on Anandtech). I decided on the 3225 due to it's smaller, more convenient size for use as an occasional GPS (and smaller size works better on my vent mount). I didn't notice a firmware upgrade for the 1412 when I previously checked Magellan's site.

    Anyways, my 3250 was just deliver from for $183 - for an additional $17 over my 3225 (Costco $150 + tax) I just had to see if it was worth it. I was greeted by lock-ups, which I never have on the 3225. I immediately updated to the recent 4.60 software, and so far it seems very responsive - no lockups.

    The upgrade included many of the enhancements that the maps on the 1412 had - larger orange arrows on the road, softer nightview with gray roads, enhancement on text display for streetnames - red dots and all, which I never even noticed when I had the 1412.

    Hopefully the 3225 will receive a similar upgrade in the future - I asked Magellan this very question, and they gave a non-answer that committed to nothing.

    Anyways, I'll test the 3250 for a few days before I decide to keep it or the 3225........ now if I could only justfy getting a Garmin and Tom Tom to test too...

    I work for an auto company, and have to say that I like my little magellan better than the OEM units we charge $2100+ for.
  • My experience with the 1412 has been disastrous.
    Bought the unit early June at Costco in Northville, Michigan. In July the display failed in the parking lot of Costco in Boise, Idaho. So I went inside and they replaced the unit.
    In August the display froze up. Took it back to Northville Costco and they gave me a cash credit card as they no longer carried the Magellon GPS Systems at that store.
    Well, now I know why. The don't hold up.
    Another thing that was very annoying was the pronunciation was terrible sometimes. Directions like Rt. 40 was pronounced R T 40 (are tee 40)?? Plus even my wife couldn't figure out what "she" was saying to us.

    So now I'm looking at Garmin or Tom Tom???
    Anyone with suggestions on a unit for under $200??


    Have checked out Tom Tom and Mio and don't like their display at all. Guess I'm used to using the Magellan. Love the way the unit powers up and down with the ignition switch. And the display is very readable even in sun-light. Yesterday I bought a third unit from Costco.

    The shipping label said shipped on 8/15/2008. Maybe this newer unit will perform better. First 24 hours has been a pleasure. Also I can now understand "her" much easier. And the volume has really improved. The night screen option is very easy on the eyes....

    Happy trails,
    Bill B. (Michigan)
  • rdrokker 0 Points
    No matter what gps you get,it will be much better than an back seat driver telling you that you went the wrong way.. :lol:
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