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Where To Start?

arch3angel 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Hello Everyone,

I found this site by mistake, but glad I did! I do off road driving for a sport, traveling different trails, creeks, etc.. Along with misc. backroads. What I am looking for is a GPS that I can use in multiple vehicles, track where I have been, and then connect to my laptop where I can generate a map showing the trails or roads I just drove. Along with these few things, I would like to be able to note during the drives special things along the way. Example I am going along a trail and then drop into a creek bed, I would want to note where the drop into this creek bed starts.

I am also looking for something that can be mounted very securely into the vehicles as some of the trail riding becomes very bumpy...

So what are some good products to look for?


  • Tim 1466 Points
    Are you looking for a device which will also provide road navigation? Or just something that will save the track logs and waypoints for later map use?
  • I would like an all in one, bbut if two devices will provide a better solution i am open to all options...
  • Tim 1466 Points
    You might want to look at something like the Garmin 60CSx and then adding the auto maps. That GPS has a high quality chipset which will give you accurate locations. It can save tracklogs which you could then import to a program like Google Earth to plot where you have been. You can mark "waypoints" for things like creek beds which you could then mark on Google Earth.

    You might need to get creative on the "securely mounted" part as I'm not aware of many solutions that are rugged enough for the type of driving you do. There might be third party RAM mounts that might be strong enough.
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