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  • Tim 1486 Points
    Why not stick to the original thread? Anyway, TomTom says it is true:

    Read this.
  • patruns 10 Points
    Why not stick to the original thread? Anyway, TomTom says it is true:

    Read this.
    Hmmm... I got a translated french page with all the material missing.

    Cheese eating surrender monkeys! :P
  • alokeprasad 102 Points
    Looks like TomTom has internally developed something to run on the iPhone, but is very unsure about whether (and how) they'll sell it.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Here is the automatically translated copy:

    TomTom on the iPhone, info or intox? Since the announcement of the iPhone 3G but also GPS, information about a software compatible with this new provision and designed by TomTom jostle and contradict each other (see article TomTom on iPhone fell in the water?). Yann Lafargue, in charge of press relations at TomTom France is the point.

    Is there at TomTom Navigator software compatible with the iPhone?

    Yann Lafargue: Yes. Once the development kit was available, some of our engineers have tried to transpose the Navigator on the iPhone. And the first tests showed that it worked rather well.

    What is the solution? Puisqu'à the time, except to use an external GPS module, it was not possible to rely on an integrated chip.

    YL: For the moment there does not communicate on the technical details of the product.

    Is a marketing is planned and when?

    YL: On this point, it is still too early to come forward. What is certain is that we have a solution whose tests have proved inconclusive. We must now see to what extent it can be started. It should not be such that finalized a product to be ultimately prohibit access to App Store because Apple has decided to propose its own software or putting forward one by one of their partners.

    In general, Apple has so far worked with more Americans than Europeans, prompting a caution. There is a whole set of things to confirm before talking about marketing.

    Are the restrictions on the use of a GPS application that we saw in the license agreement of the iPhone SDK can be an obstacle?

    YL: No, Apple is simply trying to protect themselves in case a customer having a problem with its iPhone and a navigation application's intention to attack.

    Does the arrival of a GPS iPhone has a strategic interest for TomTom?

    YL: It is naturally a very good thing that Apple integrates the GPS market, it will bring new opportunities to industry and automatically generate the innovation that will benefit the ultimate consumer.

    It is obviously interested and attentive to the model and strategy that Apple will develop, all avenues should be considered. However, for TomTom priority remains mostly focused on solutions and dedicated to the car navigation.

    In the world of telephony, we are already working for example with HTC and we equip some of their smartphones, but our Navigator software is in a much more advanced devices specialized type PND. The GPS phone or PDA is more to my sense navigation on foot.

    To make a comparison, the mobile GPS is a bit like digital photography at the time. It works, but a compact camera is still more comfortable and efficient whether for photos or videos. And sales of dedicated digital cameras have not been impacted by the mobile.

    Likewise, for many phones, comfort and the screen size, storage capacity and battery life are obstacles or constraints in order to have a good solution GPS. Ultimately, these two solutions will develop in a complementary manner.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    From Tele Atlas today, founder Alain De Taeye said this to Reuters:
    De Taeye said he expected real-time, turn-by-turn navigation applications to be available for Apple's iPhone despite reports that Apple's rules for developing iPhone software appeared not to allow it.
    "We are making sure that navigation is an application that is allowed," De Taeye said. "If there is any restriction on the platform, that indeed has to do with the restrictions that we have in our contracts. Navigation is allowed, provided that the right fees are paid."
  • Tim 1486 Points
    TomTom iPhone App... it is real. :)
  • Tim 1486 Points
    I've updated the TomTom iPhone App article with some new information and new speculation.
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