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Any European roadmaps for Magellan 6000T

richfei 0 Points
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I just recently purchased a 6000T (US version). I'd like to take this abroad to England. I tried to find information on purchasing roadmaps on the Magellan support page -, but I couldn't find anything that talked about roadmaps for Europe, especially England that were compatible with the 6000T. I see roadmaps for the handhelds, but not for the 6000T.

Do these exist ?

I presume they do, since Magellan sells the 6000T in Europe.
I know there is a 4gb limit, so if England maps exist, do these come on CD and they need to be downloaded to SD card ? Prices also



  • Tim 1480 Points
    Magellan's website is very vague about this. Even their official answer is quite cryptic:
    I plan on traveling in Europe, are European maps available for the 3000T, 3050T or 6000T?

    The 3000T, 3050T and 6000T contain a 4 GB micro drive which is not large enough to load both North America and European maps. These are available for both North America and Europe.
    I presume there is a sentence missing from the answer, in between the two sentences that are there. I would bet that the sentence reads "However you can purchase European maps on SD card."

    I see that they don't have any of those maps listed for sale. I'm going to guess though that they probably will have them available on SD card however they are not ready for sale yet.

    I'll try to find a better answer for you though.
  • Just curious, but I heard that Magellan just get the maps from Navteq (sp), so should any version of these maps work with any Magellan device, or are these maps formatted somehow to work with a particular device. For Europe, I'm not really interested in POI, I just want the basic roadmaps
  • Tim 1480 Points
    I just talked to Magellan about this. They said there are not any maps available and they would not speculate if they will be made available in the future. I'm not too confident with the answer I was given so I'm going to try another contact I have within Magellan.

    No, you can't just use any NAVTEQ maps. Each GPS manufacturer takes the raw data that NAVTEQ gives them and formats/compresses/processes the data into their own proprietary formats which are not compatible with each other.
  • Wow. I really appreciate the fast response.

    I did search the magellan site and saw that answer that you picked up from the FAQ earlier. I agree it's very cryptic, so that's why I posted here.

    I did try and email Magellan about this, but got no response

    To me, it just seems strange that they would have a US and European version of the same device and not have maps available for the other regions

    Looking forward to seeing what answer you get back. thanks again
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