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new chipset on the TTOne?

faji_tama 180 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
So I just purchased a TTOne, but I heard an interesting bit of info, and was wondering if anyone could confirm it. I've heard that the new TTOnes that have been coming out don't use the SiRFIII chipset anymore, and use a Globallocate Hammerhead chip instead. Is this true? I think I remember reading that people were able to get locks inside buildings w/ the SiRFIII chip, and I'm wondering if the reason I can't while inside a home is because of this new chip. Thanks!


  • Tim 1482 Points
    Many of the manufacturers including TomTom are no longer reporting exactly what chip they are putting into their devices. I can say from experience that the Hammerhead chip is a fantastic performer in comparison to the SiRFstarIII.

    There has been an ongoing legal battle between SiRF and Globallocate which I think has impacted the number of devices shipping with the Hammerhead. However you are correct that many of the new ONE devices will come with the Hammerhead.

    The performance between the two chips is very, very similar. Therefore if you can't get a signal in your house then I would suspect that either (1) it hasn't been running on long enough to get a lock. Perhaps leave it on outside for 30 minutes and then bring it inside. Or (2) there is something about your house that is preventing a signal that the SiRFstarIII chip might not have success with either.
  • faji_tama 180 Points
    Ah, alright. I don't suppose there's any way to check on the unit itself to verify which chip I have is there? I was checking out the info on the satellites I was able to get a lock on while inside the house... I think I could connect to about two satellites, but all below the threshold that the TTOne needs.
  • Tim 1482 Points
    ONE or ONE XL? I think on the regular ONE, the SiRF logo is stamped on the bottom of the devices which have the SiRF chip.... at least the early ones are. Other than that I'm not sure of a good way.
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