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Nuviphone demonstrated today in Singapore

alokeprasad 102 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Even has a long video clip of the device in action:

I hope this is a good competition for iPhone. Especially now that Apple is playing hard-to-get with it's GPS feature (and has no A2DP).


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Especially now that Apple is playing hard-to-get with it's GPS feature
    Access to the GPS is readily available through the SDK.
  • alokeprasad 102 Points
    Then what's all that brou-haha about the language in the SDK etc etc.? And why is Tomtom so diffident about being able to market their application?
  • Tim 1484 Points
    The language in the SDK refers to the installed Google Maps application. It is the same language Google uses for Google Maps, which would then extend to people wanting to build applications from the Google Maps functions.

    TomTom (and other GPS makers that have announced intentions to build an app) wouldn't be using the Google Maps function to build their application-- they would be bringing their own maps, so that language wouldn't apply.

    As to being diffident-- that too goes back to the SDK. Everyone who uses the SDK is currently bound by by the license/SDK which limits what they are allowed to discuss. A few people have "slipped" and mentioned their intentions, but that would go against the agreement they effectively signed by using the SDK.

    I'm not saying there will be a TomTom app running on the iPhone, but I don't see anything in the license for the SDK nor what they have said so far that would eliminate it.
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