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Google Maps & Routes

Does anyone know if it is possible to use Google Maps to plan a route then somehow save it and upload it as a route into a Garmin Nuvi 760?


  • Tim 1486 Points
    With Google Maps you can only transfer waypoints/addresses. I think the MapQuest interface can transfer a route though.
  • clarry 0 Points
    hmmm!!! just looked at Mapquest and it does not appear to cover Australia when you select directions. Only Europe and US & Canada.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Yeah--- They have a map here:

    Which even zooming in looks pretty detailed-- but it doesn't look routable for some reason.
  • clarry 0 Points
    When I click the DIRECTIONS button and enter my starting & ending address it does not recognise my state or zip code. Says they are invalid. Then when you select the drop-down list nothing from Australia is there. So my guess is that Mapquest only gives directions in USA and Canada & Europe.
  • clarry 0 Points
    Tim, Thanks for your very quick replies but I will leave this post active to see if anyone else knows how to use Google Maps for the routing. Its an excellent and esay to use drag/drop routing application. Would be great if it were then uploadable to my Garmin Nuvi 760. Thanks again & have fun.
  • clarry 0 Points
    I went and dowloaded RouteConverter as suggested.
    Then executed the steps within GoogleMaps. And saved the URL into a text file called routes.url.
    When I opened that URL file in RouteConverter I get a single waypoint off the west coast of Africa somewhere in the ocean.
    I noticed that the URL in the GoogleMpas window does not change no matter what route/directions you ask for so perhaps GoogleMaps does not work in Australia the same way as it does in USA. This is what I see:
    No matter what I am doing on the map.
  • In Google Maps, you need to ckick on the LINK button on the upper right of the map to get the link to your route
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