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FM Antenna Issues with the 6000T

guintato 0 Points
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I recall seeing some complaints regarding FM reception. Does anyone have any tips on routing the antenna and/or replacing it in order to get better reception?

- Tony


  • Tim 1481 Points
    Tony I've heard quite a few complaints from people about traffic reception as well with the 6000T. I have a contact into Magellan and they are supposed to be returning my call, hopefully with some suggestions to offer. I'll post here when I receive a response from Magellan.
  • I have used the FM antenna in a Jeep and a Honda Accord laid out in the front windshield towards the passenger side down the door well. It appears to work well in both vehicles. I do you multiple antenna's I do not move them around because it took some time to get them burried deep in the front window. I have been notified on multiple trips of traffic conditions ahead. There were a few that alerted me to traffic conditions that did not exist since I was traveling on the weekend and they did not have the construction active.
  • I curled my antenna around the windshield and up the post on the driver's side. I live in Chicago and have had no problem with receiving traffic info.

  • Tim 1481 Points
    By the way, I have tried a few times to contact Magellan about the issue.... so far no response. :(
  • It turns out I was able to bury the antenna wire between the dash and the base of the windshield and then up the post on the driver's side. So far, it works pretty well in and around city areas and the auto-rerouting has kicked in a few times. Out in Santa Clarita, CA, it tends to lose its signal.

    Overall, I'm happy with this GPS.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    Great, good to hear!
  • Any word from Magellan? I was just playing around with the routing of the antenna when I read the previous posts. Where I live its too far to test so will have to wait for a trip to come up. But wanted to see if Magellan ever came back with a response. Thanks!!

  • Tim 1481 Points
    Nope, they never returned my call. :( I'll ask again.
  • Aside from the problems I reported in the thread "Big problems with 2 of my Roadmate 6000T units", I've had good reception with the FM antenna in LA, Minneapolis, & Los Vegas just by keeping the antenna wire curled in a loop hanging around the base of the windshield/dash mount. There still are some dead spots out in some suburbs, but overall, it's worked well.

    In my wife's car, I still have the antenna routed between the dash and windshield and that works well too. The only reason I've kept mine wrapped around the base is that when I travel I take it with me to use in rental cars.
  • I pretty much buried the antenna at the front of the window and dash and routed it up the driver side. When I went home from MD to Ind to visit family I got good reception in Baltimore, Wash DC, Pittsburgh and Toledo. I saw some construction warning on the expressways but as I was using the Toll-Roads I got nothing to worry about. But showed good reception on my 6000T. I do hope that somebody does come out with a more flexible antenna but overall it worked well....

  • I get great traffic reception here in the DC Metro area - but i think the antenna looks sloppy!


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