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Has anybody purchased from them before?

I'm looking for the least expensive Garmin Nuvi 660.

The Digital Oasis had them on for $549.99 yesterday, but the price seems to have jumped back to $599.99.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy?




  • DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE EVER!!!!!!!! His name is "Mark" and if you have any issue at all he is a JERK!!!

    I purchased on line from him a Zumo 550 for his online price of $649. Two days later I inquired if it had been shipped and received an email that the order was cancelled and the money refunded. As of yet I have not received a credit on my card. He said "I will sell you one for $699 if you atill want it." Can you believe that?
  • His price seems to fluctuate. He would not sell to me at the lower price, even though the next week his price was even lower.

    I ended up buying from PC Nation, got a better price and didn't have any hassles.


  • That's funny, I purchased mine from PC Nation also. I got a great deal and great service. I paid for the over night shipping and got it the next day. Less than 24 hours. Very happy with PCnation.

  • I ordered Christmas and birthday presents online, same day, two dfferent orderes. After it was shipped, but before delivery I notified them that they had a mistake in the address and they told me to contact the shipper. The shipper told me they could not do anything but return the items back to the original person. Guess what, I never received the items! But they still charged $100.00 for restocking! Of course they would express it to me for $20 more, but I had already missed the birthdays and would be out of town when it arrived for Christmas. Understanding? Not at all. They just wanted a profit, even on a shipping error. Shipping was less then $20.00. However the items were small and expensive. 20% restocking fee was $100.00. I don’t know for sure it was even shipped; after all I never saw anything but the expenses.
  • dantello 0 Points
    Bought a Garmin nuvi 755T for $269.95, item shipped out next morning. That same day found a 765T for the same price and emailed merchant asking if I can get a better price since found better unit for same price. Reply said can't do better price so I replied will refuse item. Merchant stated will charge 20% to restock this item. I emailed back stating I don't mind paying for shipping but 20% is immoral and I would file dispute with credit card since never accepted item. I get a phone call from Mark Shuman, the owner telling me he can't match Newegg's price and that I should have done "due diligence" then started yelling and swearing at me. I hung up, owner called back and started right up again, I told him to stop his BS and hung up. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. All I asked for was a better deal per their tagline "The Best Deals On Digital. GuaranTEED!" and got a headache.
  • The Digital Oasis is a horrible business. I had a bad experience trying to order an expensive product. You would think they would treat customers better than they do, especially when they are willing to drop a lot of money. The lady who answers the phone is rude and unwilling to answer questions. From what I gather, the owner is inept. Stay away! There are plenty of better places to spend your money.
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