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help me deciding [Mio]

tony333 0 Points
Please recommend me a good mio gps model.thing i want are 4.3 inch screen, Text to speech(spoken street names), good strong signal, upgradeable with new maps and fast scrolling.I don't really care about audio player or bluetooth.

please advice which one would be better, c300,c320,c520 or anyother??


  • Tim 1484 Points
    I'd look at this list.
  • tony333 0 Points
    actually i want one of mio models because their interface resembles with google maps that i use on my pc.
  • tony333 0 Points
    okay, i just bought mio c520 , but it doesn't say the street names, all it says is to turn left or turn i need to turn any feature on?????
  • Tim 1484 Points
    Make sure you have a text to speech (computer) voice selected.
  • tony333 0 Points
    its working now, i selected samantha option.thanks
  • mannks 0 Points
    I have a moov 300 that works fine - but the map update is very complicated and maps for Europe are not available - I would NEVER buy a MIO again. :twisted:
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