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sending route from google map or mapquest to garmin nuvi

I tried to plan my trip with my computer and send it to garmin but just cennot get a route into it. I downloaded and installed garmin communicator. In MapQuest there is a choice to send as either waypoints or route to my garmin 750, and I tried both, but can only get the trip into My Favorite as individual pois instead of routes into Route. In Google Map I cannot even find a way to send routes to my garmin. Has anyone here done this before? I think in Garmin's website it says 7xx supports routes. TIA!


  • Tim 1486 Points
    Google doesn't support sending routes to the Garmin devices, only single locations. You can send full routes through MapQuest, then you need to "import" the route file from your 750.
  • How to "import" route from 750? I selected route in MapQuest to send but it was not in Route in my 750... thanks...
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Tools -> My Data -> Import Route.
  • thanks!
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