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How to disassemble Nuvi 660 (and others)

My switch is damaged as has been reported here by others and I'm thinking about taking the Nuvi apart and repairing it. I understand it is challenging to take the Nuvi apart, but I am good with working with small parts, etc. Is there any online documentation, preferably with pictures of this process? It's always good to have pics when the reassembly needs to happen. I've searched here, but haven't found anything. Thanks! :)


  • Tim 1467 Points
    I know that luv2review has posted a few tear down pics of 200 series devices and I think 300 series devices (which are more similar to your 600), but I don't recall if I've seen any of r the 600 series.

    They are actually relatively simple to tear down as far as electronics go.
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