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installing usa maps on mio map c320 [Mio]

etzarfat 0 Points

I'm trying to install USA maps on my mio, every time I copy the USA maps to the maps directory and turn on my device, I see a key symbol near the usa maps and I can choose it.
I bought the gps device in Israel with israel's maps.
How can I activate the usa maps?
I have a another sd card the I copy on it the softeware and the map and I donwnloaded few crack to the mio map softwares, but it doesn't work.
does anybody know when I can get USA maps that work?


  • Tim 1466 Points
    We don't support people trying to illegally copy maps here. If you want the USA maps for your Mio, purchase them from Mio and they will support the installation.
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