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Magellan 3100

Peter 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Ok,, just got it.. So far so good. A couple of times it has tried to take me to a street that was adjacent to the street I was on, that I knew would take me to the same street. Couldnt figure a logical reason for wanting to take me out of my way, to make me back trac where I just came from. It was dead on with directions and announcing when I was at a destination, exactly when I was at the destination.

I did notice a lack in POI. There would be a tiny gas station that had been there for 30 years then a HUGE more well known gas chain that had been there for 15 and the huge gas chain would not be listed.

Screen easy to see and navigate thru the menus.

Im still trying to figure out what the point of the USB cable and SD card slot are for. There are no updates available.

I think the SD slot is for backing up information, but haven't seen any other uses for it yet.

Any Ideas?

I Had decided on the TOMTOM One, but this one was bought for me, and I thought I would try it out, before returning it.


  • Tim 1481 Points
    USB cable is for backups and software updates. The SD card slot would typically be for adding maps in coverage areas not pre-installed.
  • Peter 0 Points
    Hmm. Do they ever update POI's?
  • Tim 1481 Points
    POI updates happen simultaneously with map updates.
  • Peter 0 Points
    How do they create POI's Does the company say (Subway) have to contact the map company to be added? Just curious how they get on there?
  • Tim 1481 Points
    The POIs are collected from the mapping companies (with a few exceptions) and they gather the POIs from other companies, their own collection methods, etc. In some cases the chain will have a relationship with the mapping provider whereby they can tell the mapping company about additions/echanges, etc.
  • Peter 0 Points
    Magellan must have something against Subway then, cause according to my GPS there isnt one in 100 miles. LOL Still haven't decided if I want to take this one back and get a TOMTOM One.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    They don't have anything against Subway, but rather there are only 750,000 POIs installed on the Maestro 3100. There are roughly 15,000,000 POIs in the USA so you are getting roughly 5% of all POIs. So out of 100 stores, 95 of them won't be in your POI database.
  • Peter 0 Points
    Man! That sounds like a good argument for getting the TomTom One.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    Well, that is the way most GPS devices work. Most come with about 1-3 million POIs installed, which is more than what the 3100 comes with, but most every GPS comes with only a small fraction of all known POIs.
  • Peter 0 Points
    I wasnt really sure how much I would depend on the POI's when traveling, But when I started to see how much was not on there. I was a little surprised, But now that you broke the math down for me, it really gets put into perspective. Im starting to think the Larger POI database in the TOMTOM One is worth the extra $100.00 that Ill pay for it.
  • Peter 0 Points
    Does anyone know which GPS has the largest POI database?
  • Tim 1481 Points
    The biggest I can think of is the TeleType WorldNav 3100 at about 12 million.
  • Peter 0 Points
    Well, I cant really find any specific numbers for the TomTom One, So I dont know... UGH.. Decisions decisions
  • Tim 1481 Points
    Yea, a lot of the manufacturers shy away from publishing that number...
  • Peter 0 Points
    Now, im not sure if the extra 100 bucks will be worth it. If its only a million as opposed to 750,000
  • Look at the 3140. has a larger POI base plus the AAA guidebook.
  • patruns 10 Points
    I just bought it at the local Radio Shack. I had to go to several to find one in stock. So far, a simple to use and decent GPS. I was a little dismayed to see there are no maps of Europe available, at least easily. But no matter, I reallt bought it for here. I see it used the Windows CE operating system. With a SD card, I'm sure someone will figure a way to download maps for other areas. If anyone already knows of a way please do tell.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    It really isn't a matter of someone figuring out how to do it. Magellan just needs to make the maps available for sale. Each GPS manufacturer uses a proprietary and closed format for their maps, and they are often serialized to the device. So you just need to encourage Magellan to offer the maps.
  • inflames 0 Points
    i got mine today from radioshack and i am very satisfied with it, it does everything i need it for
  • sontakke 0 Points
    All in all, it is a good bargain but I do have couple of issues with it.

    1) In Manhattan NYC, it never got a lock. We took train from NJ to NYC and the GPS kept its position in NJ. We were walking in the city for hours but it never got a satellite lock. Surprising because it claimed to be tracking at least 6 satellites. I thought 3 should have been enough.
    2) After returning back to NJ, it still would not get a lock on satellites. I eventually ended up hitting the ballpoint reset before it acquired the lock.
    3) Trip planning function does not seem to work. The electronic user manual does not really explain the "Guide Me" function.
    4) I really wish it had hard button for the volume. Unless muted, every button press results in loud prompt which gets very annoying real fast.
    5) List of turns do NOT give the details, so it is very difficult to evaluate the selected route in advance.
    6) There is NO way to get route from Point A to Point B; it is always from "HERE" to "ANYWHERE". May be all GPS are like that?
    7) Only lower 48 states; we visited Niagara Falls from Canadian side and realized how badly we missed not being able to use GPS
    8) With it we were able to visit the "original" Buffalo Wings place in Buffalo, NY. We did have the address of that place but relied completely on GPS to take us there.

    I am glad that I purchased this unit. We just completed 2000 mile road trip and this was immensely useful. I actually bought the unit right in the middle of the trip in the next state! Inside the mall, it was not getting any signal but once we got out in the parking lot, it got the lock very quickly.

    It has some quirks in routing. For example, once it made us take the exit and then get back on the freeway immediately again rather than staying on the freeway. But after we followed gps directions blindly, we did reach our destination.

    In terms of "make turn now" Bell sound, it has been deadly accurate for all freeway exits. Also "take right exit followed by slight left turn" voice prompt is very useful. It even says "take the second exit at the roundabout".

    I would prefer if it can say "take the incoming left" because during the city driving, streets sometimes are too close to each other and one can not gauge the distance.

    In the past I had (tried) to use the Delorme Earthmate mouse with the laptop but the whole experience was quite painful compared to this hand held unit.

    - Vikas
  • Tim 1481 Points
    6) There is NO way to get route from Point A to Point B; it is always from "HERE" to "ANYWHERE". May be all GPS are like that?
    Many, but not all, are like that. The TomTom devices call the feature 'Advanced Planning', and all of their devices have it. On other devices (like the Nuvi series with the flip-up antenna) it can be done through a very complex work-around. I'll sometimes refer to the feature as 'Offset Starting Location' or 'Offset Start'.
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