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Anyone know how to bring the bluetooth app to foreground? [H

floepie 0 Points
What I'm looking for is an easy way to 'connect' with my phone using the built-in bluetooth app, WHILE using a non-standard nav application. This application has an allowance for a linkable app or shortcut. I've made the link to the BLUESOLEIL.EXE app, but it never wants to come to the foreground (or the nav app continually paints over it).

So, if there is a shortcut parameter or switch for the BLUESOLEIL.exe that would simulate a push of the 'connect' button in the bluetooth app, that would be the best solution.

Or, I could live with a little helper app that would effectively switch active screens, so that I could at least be able to interact with the bluetooth app.

Thanks for any ideas...
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