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Sprint GPS

I just change to Sprint for cellular service. I got the 1500 minutes/unlimited texting/unlimited internet. Well, It include GPS service for free. I had tested this service and is great. In some aspects is better than my magellan 3250. My position is never behind in the screen. It has "turn by turn" navigation and I love how it tells me "Your destination is on your left or rigth" . Another good thing is that all updates, even maps are free and they get downloaded automaticlly. The bad: screen is small compare to a 3250 which is not big to begin with. Entering an address is not that easy since the keypad is small. But once you had input the address, the rest is easy. It also include POI, compass and support. Not bad.


  • Tim 1486 Points
    The bad for me is that cell reception at my home is pretty poor... so it is impossible for me to create a route on most cell phone based GPS systems that don't have mapping on-board.
  • navwphone 0 Points
    Try out Urban Horizon for windows mobile. It provides 3D terrain and building views and allows downloadable maps or routing/searching from the server.
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