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best GPS for forestry work

nasim 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Hi there!
need your advice on best GPS to buy. Currently use Garmin ETrex Vista. However, I need the following option like - creating a polygone (after traversing) within the gps and caculating its area on the field (real time). Can anyone suggest which GPS will support such activity.
thanks in advance.


  • Tim 1466 Points
    That isn't something I typically check on handheld GPS models, but I just tried it with the DeLorme PN-20 and the upcoming PN-20 and you can do it from both of those devices. It will show you the total distance around the perimeter as well as the total acreage.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    The Colorados & Rinos both handle this on the device. I know there are several other Garmin models that do this as well. I'll look up the list, but I thought yours was also one of them.
  • gatorguy 224 Points
    The list of Garmin's that do this are:
    Garmin Colorado (all versions)
    Garmin G-12 (late versions)
    Garmin G-12xl (late versions)
    Garmin VISTA (all models)
    Garmin LEGEND (all models)
    Garmin Venture (ver 2.26 and up)
    Garmin G-48
    Garmin G-60 (all models)
    Garmin G-76 (all models)
    Garmin G-V
    Garmin GPS-176 (all models with latest firmware update)
    Garmin GPS-276C
    Garmin Rino (all models)

    I will note tho that Tim's review of the PN-40 makes it look intriguing
  • nasim 0 Points
    Hello again!
    thanks for prompt suggestions. actually, your assumption is right, my garmin eTrexVista calculates area too (thats under main manue - accessories - area calculation).
    But I was wonding about options like creating a polygone (i.e., shp file). A lot of my time is wasted creating shp files for GIS integration of field data. If such a GPS is available than things could have been easier.
    Any good news?
  • Tim 1466 Points
    I don't know of any device that will directly (on the device itself) create a shp file. But in order to use the shp file, you need it to be on a computer, right? In which case you could use other software (not related to the GSP itself per se) to import a tracklog as GPX, then create the polygon and export/convert to a shp.
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