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Navigon 7100 Making Calls from a phone big problem!

Almas.Khan 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I'm having this issue that I've now looked into the problem is when I put the device on standby and bring it back on I can simply click a button to automatically repair my iPhone but the problem is making calls, after I return from standby I can no longer here my calls dialing I have to click the little toggle button at the bottom right of the screen to toggle between phone and device once then I can hear the call through the Navigon 7100 this doesn't happen when I turn the device completely off and on the calls go through problem free does anyone know if there is anyway around this or do I have to turn by device off no matter what everytime to get calls coming in without problem to the device?



  • This bug (and others) was introduced months ago with the 6.5.2 release.

    As soon as you apply the update your bluetooth requires when calls are made or received for you to go into the bluetooth menu, toogle out of the 7100 and to your phone as speaker, and then toggle back to the 7100.

    The new Bluetooth bug and the corruption of saved favorites were reported months ago and Navigon just seems to have left the 7100 owners in the lurch.

    Apparent Solution? Buy another device since Navigon seems unwilling to fix these problems.
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