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Navigon 5100

kirill 0 Points
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Hi everybody,

Just got Nav.5100 and noticed something strange.
1-st out of box using in tracking mode it was all washed-out in day use mode, switched to night mode and was much-much better, very dark grey base with white streets, yellow main road and blue highway.

2-nd Set home address and from 7 mi. away told unit to take me home, it came on in beautiful color map and guided me home OK.

Is it normal that color map comes on only when unit is in navigation mode, other wise it is in grey color?

The screen is very sensitive to touch, voice volume low but using FM transmitter through car radio fixes that, initial start was very fast-located my place in apx 10-15 seconds. Navigated home using external antenna from Lowrance iWay-250c (FAA-5) with MCX plug, seems to work OK so far ( I like to keep my unit on floor of my S-10 chevy, out of sight, antenna on dash under clot).

Now a question How do you transfer way points and routes (created on PC maps) to Navigon 5100 ? There is no LOAD/SAVE provision, at least I have not seen in manual that comes in CD.



  • Most navigation systems already do that, though. I have a system in my car that automatically finds the most direct and time efficient route.
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