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Nexstar Sucks

greg958 0 Points
I bought one and the maps were at least 7 years out of date was very slow to load and then after about a dozen uses it died. Nextar customer service was non existant so don't buy it.


  • Tim 1486 Points
    Please do not cross-post the same message in multiple places.
  • I agree on the quasi absence of customer service, but as for the rest of your comments, not sure I agree. My daughter has had one for two years now, and never had a problem with it. I live in Canada and one of our flagship retail organization, Canadian Tire, has been selling these things for years... it's one of their best sellers. You can go on their web site and read customer reviews, which are generally very good.

    I'm no doubting the validity of your own experience ... All I'm saying is that lemons do come up occasionally, no matter what the make is.


    HappyTrails! Drive Safe!
  • bdonson 80 Points
    I'm on my 4th unit from nextar and have never had one last more than 2 months. If I'd have taken the money I spent on the unit and the cost of returning the defective units I could have bought a decent brand name. When this one quits I will throw it away as I refuse to spend any more money to get a so called recondition unit back. I for one will never buy another nextar product of any kind and certainly not a GPS. The number one reason is reliablity and number 2 is the maps are so far out of date.
  • Well, I don't know what to tell you. You're not asking for help with an issue, you're just venting frustration... and that's OK. I don't think that NEXTAR is your top of the line quality GPS vendor, far from it. All I can tell you is that my daughter has been using one now for almost two years and hasn't had any issues with it... except for map updates - don't count on them, don't count on quality customer support either. It would have been interesting to know what your issues are. Perhaps I, or other folks here, would have been able to lend you a helping hand.

  • bdonson 80 Points
    I don't think you could have helped as it was power issues with all the units. They would not turn on or if they did and you had them on any lenght of time and shut them off, they would not power on again for anywhere from 10 minutes to 3/4 hour. The last one would power on if you held the reset button. I do know nextar is not the top of the line GPS but I do expect them to work as advertised and longer than 2 months.
  • :roll: My experience with nextar
    in general is very good. Nextar is a bargin entry level unit. I used every day to drive my 18 wheeler transport vehicle. I had to replace my first unit after 10 months of 24/7 use for some 100 000 miles of service .
    Final problem would not reset into nav mode, also 12 volt power cord would not power unit. Notified NEXTAR sent unit to LA Vern Ca address with a Return Code recieved new unit in ten day. Second unit performs well but the 12 power cord still blows fuses I have to use 110 volt charge .cable with my onboared inverter Use is easy.There is a built in error in the resolution distance over the 100 mile zone, example known distance from A to B is 430 miles display indicates 460 miles unresolved until one reaches 100 mile from destination The best use is at night in the snow gives a good view of the road ahead at the 100/125 dollar price range good value
    Plus two year warrenty period
  • I bought one around Christmas time 2009, used it about a dozen times and it died while in use. Customer support was not friendly. My unit is still under warranty but so far this process hasn't been easy and I haven't even sent it in yet.
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