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Still learning 5100

kirill 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hi all,

Found out today that have to leave "lock" open on copied SD card for it to operate. 4GB (x133) Transsend works OK, 2GB Kingston works OK and copied all but USA-Canada map onto 500MB SD-works OK (SanDisck). Next experiment is to copy all but Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico onto 2GB SD - will give me more room for updates and unit wont have to search thru 4GB space.

Will use copies not original. The more I read 5100 manual the more begining to understand how unit works. Exemple to start unit after it was turned off takes 6-8 seconds but if you follow manual and place into stand-by mode (press power button very brifly, dont hold) it will come on instantly on next start-up. All explained in manual Revision-2.

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