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Using Gupdatemod - TurboCCC


Great program that lets me see wave files for the C580.

I’d like to replace wave #4 (sounds like beep when you touch the screen) with silence (nothing). Where would I get/make a "nothing" file?

Secondly, after reading readme.txt, I’m not sure how to force the updated file to be active on the GPS. Can’t I just copy it to the GPS and reboot the GPS?



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    Get Audacity, a free wave editor:

    Then just open that file, remove the wave data and resave it (same format, sample rate etc) and it should silence that sound.
  • Will Audacity open the Garmin gcd (I forget the exact extension) file and show several wave files?

    After I make the change, do I just copy the changed file to the GPS device and reboot the GPS?

  • What firmware version did you modify? 3.00, 3.10, 4.x0?

    You have to read carefully the readme.txt. Before you copy the modified GUPDATE.GCD (let's assume you change 3.10), you have to update your GPS back to 3.00 and then use the modified file to get back to 3.10.

    That is a bit painful to do.

    On the 760, the screen bip is not in any of the 6 wav files. Maybe it is different on your model.

    Good luck,


    Edit: Audacity will help you create a "nothing" wave file. It does not deal with GUPDATE.GCD. Once you have you "nothing" file (audio file with silence in it), you can use GUpdateMod to replace the wave4 with your "nothing" file. This will create a new GUPDATE.GCD with a silence in wave 4.

    Note: Using Audacity, you can also make a much smaller file with a silence in it. I think my program still requires a file a bit smaller than the original. See the readme.
  • Thanks Turbo. I didn't modify anything yet because it sounded a little complicated to use the new gcd file. I'm not sure what firmware version I have. I'll have to check your readme file to see where that information is located. Maybe the readme file mentions it is at the top of the gcd file. I forget but will check the readme file again.

    If I'm at 3.10, exactly what steps would I need to do to get back to 3.00 so that I can force an update back to 3.10? Not clear in this area yet.

    By the way, I forget the file number but another file appears to be used to make a "beep" type noise when the volume level is changed on the C580. That is another candidate for the "silence" file.

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