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Cracked Screen.

roxstar 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Damn, I'm so pissed right now. I dropped my keys, and it happened to land right on the Magellan. I didn't notice a crack untill I turned the unit on. So my question is where can I get the screen replaced? Hopefully I won't have to sent the unit back to Magellan.. I've heard bad stories about their customer support.



  • Is it still under warranty? What unit do you have? If the warranty expired it may not be cost effective to fix. You can Google for GPS repairs but if the unit is over a year old and out of warranty I would bet you are probably better replacing the whole thing.
  • Marc 201 Points
    I don't think this is a warranty repair, although it might be worth a try. Generally abusing equipment (including dropping things on them ) voids the warranty.
  • And I agree with Patruns that if you have to pay for a screen repair, you're better off buying a new pnd.
  • Marc 201 Points
    Wait, didn't it happen when you left your car out in the cold and came back the next day and-damn! the screen on the gps was cracked!
  • haha, I like that "out in the cold" response. The unit does not have a warranty, so I just bought a new one. Hopefully I can get the updated maps for free or something. With all the bad talk on the Magellan, I happen to be one of the few that really likes these units. The price had dropped to $349. I'm going to put the old unit on ebay with the box and accessories. I should be able to get a few bux for it to offset the repair costs.

  • Marc 201 Points
    I have one too. They are decent, the problems start when you need support from Magellan.
  • Wait, didn't it happen when you left your car out in the cold and came back the next day and-damn! the screen on the gps was cracked!
    Leaving unit in the car can void your warranty too. It is not a smart move to leave any GPS in your car. If you live in a hot state it is just like putting a computer in a oven. NO GOOD!
  • Exactly! Our Magellan maestro 5310 is just fabulous. It does everything we want it to flawlessly. OK, maybe not everything, but for $200, which is what we paid on, this GPS is spectacular. Some of the streets in the map database have since been lengthened, with corresponding new addresses beyond those in the data base, so if you want to input an address outside of the street number range given, you have to input the highest address number, and just sort of feel your way when you get there. But this is small potatoes compared to the power and utility of this GPS.
    Also, for example, the Trader Joe's in NE Atlanta is deeply ensconced in a disneyland-esque shopping mall. Worse, the mall is hidden behind rows of landscaping that hide its existence from the parkway on which it is situated. The GPS can direct you thousands of miles to the intersection where this mall is located, but can't get you into the mall entrances, themselves. When you get to the interstction the best it can manage is "Please make a U turn as soon as you can legally do so". After you do that, soon you hear the same instruction. So, big deal.
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