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Driving/hunting GPS

ilman 0 Points
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Im looking to make my first GPS purchasae. I will try to list the order of importance for things I need it to do.

1. Driving directions - I love the TOMTOM type gps with touch screen talking directions. It shows just about every single road/backroad and does a good job of getting to unknown destinations within the city.

I would also like for it to be able to get traffic reports/detour information. Be able to tell me the quickest route from point A to B. Also for it to store locations in case I need to return to them at a later point in time.

2. Hunting trails/fishing locations. I go fishing on a lot of lakes, and hunting in many forests, so I need something that can show me backroads and lake locations. I would also like to be able to mark locations and take quick notes on the actual point. (caught 3 bass here, saw a 5 point buck there, time of day, ect. ect.) It should be able to track my route and allow me to get back to whereever I came from at nighttime as well.

It should also of course be able to track my distance traveled/amount of time traveled/speed/estimated time to location/and all those basic things. I would also like to be able to track and access all this data via my PC.

As of now, im considering the colorado by garmin, however I have read some information that suggests newer better GPS's will be coming out by 2009.

Any information or reccomendations would be great. thanks


  • Tim 1480 Points
    Sounds like you might really want to consider two devices, one for auto navigation and one for hunting/off-road navigation. The Colorado doesn't provide a touch screen or voice prompts for example.
  • ilman 0 Points
    I am only looking to purchase one product. What about the oregon? That was one of my top choices as well
  • GadgetGuy2008 0 Points
    edited October 2008
    None of the Garmin products offer everything you want in one package. The closest would be the Nuvi 500.
  • Tim 1480 Points
    It doesn't have voice prompts, nor traffic reports/detour information. If the most important feature you are looking for is auto navigation, the Oregon would not be a good pick for that.

    If you really want just one device, you might consider the Garmin Nuvi 500, but honestly you can probably find a cheaper auto device AND a cheaper handheld that do the tasks you are looking for that even with their combined price will be less expensive.
  • I purchased a Harmon Kardon 810 and I love it.
    Pros: Windows Mobile OS, Detours, traffic info listed by nearest hgwy, voice prompts with street names, route by distance or time, and combined distance and time, routes are mainly determined on avoidance features (ie. avoid traffic, tolls, etc..), reroutes are are quick, millions of points of interests and best of all video, .avi .wmv, music .wma .mp3, photos .jpg and any other that windows mobile accepts. FM broadcast is pretty strong in most vehicles (NY City, which is impressive).

    Cons: Battery Life, Battery Life, Battery Life.
  • Cons: MP3 App and Gui could use some work.
  • I went the two device route, bought a Nuvi 750 for the car and getting a Legend Hcx for hunting/fishing. there really isnt one unit out there that (in my oponion) does both things well

    You might want to check out the Lowrance XOG, i didnt really care for it though. you may also want to check out the Garmin units for motorcycles as they are waterproof which the Nuvis arent.

    Honestly for the price you pay for the Oregon you could get a mid level Nuvi and Legend and have the right tool for each job
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