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Can the iWay 250C be used for hiking? [Lowrance]

devinsky 0 Points
I see it has a function that enables it to go off roading - will that same function make it useful for a hike in a state park? Also, does it have waypoint abilities? I would like to know if I can program my favorite spots on campus, and have the unit direct someone else there (assuming, of course, that a road goes there). Any info would be greatly appreciated!


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Yes, it could be useful for hiking depending on your needs and what qualifies as "useful". :) It will display your current coordinates and display a road map. It won't, however display topo maps of the area like a GPS designed more for hiking would.

    It does have waypoint capabilities. You can enter them as addresses or coordinates via the POI Manager application.
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