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New Navigon "Fresh" options

gatorguy 326 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
This acccording to a business report:

Consumers who bought an entry level product (Navigon 1200, 2100 or 2200) can easily add features such as Landmark View3D (€19.95) to get 3D rendering of monuments across Europe, text to speech (€19.95), curve warning (€14.95), or reality View Pro (€29.95) for overview of complicated motorway junctions.

These purchased software upgrades so far offered in Europe only. No word on when they may be available here in North America.


  • How about for, oh lets say US 1.99, they offer an upgrade that would provide speech that is intelligible. Routings that are realistic, along with poi searching that works. Oh don't forget about favorites that can be reloaded from memory without error responses. Traffic receivers that actually work without a 4 foot antenna wire plugged in and maybe, just maybe, giving us just a little bit more advance notice than 500 feet to make a turn. Yep, I'd pay $1.99 for that even though I shouldn't have to pay a dime.
  • elkinm 0 Points
    I think the US versions already have most of these features. Landmark view may be available, but maybe the screen is a little small. The curve warning might not be available in the US at all.
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