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New-need some advice

xxkazxx 0 Points
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Hello, tried searching around-cant really find the answer I'm looking for

a couple of things-looking to upgrade my Sd card from the stock 2gb one to a much faster 4 or 8 gig one-any recommendations?

the other thing is-i was reading some posts and saw poeple talking about advanced poi's? curious about that-where to get um? what exactly they include?

saw something about speed cameras and red light cameras to??

curious about other upgrades that can be made aswell


  • elkinm 0 Points
    I don't know how much better a faster card would be. I have a class 6 card which can read at 20 mb/s, but read at only 8-10 mb/s but it is slower under regular use.

    The SanDisk Extreme !!! should read and write at 20 mb/s and there is a new one at 30 mb/s. This is the only one I know of with a fast read and write, and I have not found review of recent SD Cards.
    If you get one and notice an improvement, please post the details about the SD card.

    There are additional POIs on the 7100, usually you can get these on Ebay, or simply from Navigon if you register a 7100 and download the 1.2 update. I don't know if this truly works as the additional POIs are in a file the 2100 does not have.

    The only good way I know of to add red-light and speed cameras would be to use a 3'rd party application like POI-Warner. Personally, I don't like POI Warner, but than again, I have not had any camera issues yet.
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