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Good GPS Deals Black Friday GPS Deals

Spyder63 331 Points
edited July 2014 in GPS Recommendations
This thread was originally started to post the many GPS Black Friday deals near Christmas. There is no reason we can't use this thread to post any current, good gps "deals" throughout the year. Please, no auction sites and follow the current forum link/URL post rules.

The next Black Friday will be on November 26, 2010 and will be here before we know it. (In the US that is a traditional day of sales that begin the Christmas/Holiday buying season) We don't expect many BF advertisements to turn up until mid-to-late October. As the GPS/PND/PNA deals come in we will begin posting them. Another related event is Black Monday (the first Monday following BF) when good deals are offered online. We'll try to post those as well.

Everyone is welcome to post BF deals as you come across them.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    edited November 2009
    Note: These early BF ad items may not be accurate or final.
    (*) Indicate Early Bird or Doorbuster item.


    • Magellan RoadMate 1440 GPS 4.3" Navigation System $69.99 *


    1. Nuvi 205 GPS $89.99 *

    2. RoadMate 1220 GPS $89.99

    3. RoadMate 1440 GPS $119.99 *

    4. One 130 GPS $79.99

    5. XL325S $99.99

    Gander Mountain

    1. Oregon 200 Handheld GPS Unit...$199.99

    2. Summit Hc Bundle - 12V adapter, USB cable, Case and Map DVD...$199.99

    3. Tom One I30 GPS (Thursday 11/26 3PM-6PM)...$79.99

    4. Tom Go 630 GPS (Friday 11/27 6AM to Noon) Early Bird...$169.99

  • patruns 10 Points
    Yep, I saw that. Folks can keep up to date here:
  • I just checked there and it no longer shows the OfficeMax info on the Roadmate 1440,,, wonder why?
  • The sire lists pre public info. It may well be that they changed the sales.
  • Marc 301 Points
    I went to Costco today and they handed me a coupon book for deals for the three days after Thanksgiving. I am not sure of the models but here a are the descriptions of the two GPS in the book.- I leave it to others to figure out the models.

    100 dollars off with coupon limit 2
    Garmin Nuvi 5.0" GPS
    Turn by Turn directions, lane assist with junciton view. Bluetooth, ssubscription-free life time traffic alets 6 million POI and eccoroute.
    Item 991490

    UPDATE-from other posts the Nuvi apparently is the 1490T for $259

    55 dollars off with coupon limitt 2
    Tomtom 4.3"GPS
    Advanced Lane Guidance, spoken stree names. IQ routes. 7 million of interest UJS and Canada maps plus Map Share and 30 day latest map guarantee.
    Item 990335
  • I went to Costco today and I didn't see any $100 coupon for the 1490T. However the sales associate did say something to the effect that the Garmin would be $100 less. They only coupon book I got was through the mail dated sale starts 11/12-11/29. The only ad in that coupon book was for the 755T for $199.
  • Amazon currently has the 755T NEW (Not A refurb unit) for $206.99 and with no tax and free shipping, it might actually come out cheaper ordering through them right now. :wink:
  • Marc 301 Points
    I went to Costco today and I didn't see any $100 coupon for the 1490T.... The only ad in that coupon book was for the 755T for $199.
    The coupon book is not the one you receive in the mail. This was just a 3 or 4 pager with special items for the 3 days after Thanksgiving. The card checker was handing it out at the door. I returned on Sunday for something else and they were not handing them out. Go figure.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Not quite a Black Friday sale, but REI will be offering the Oregon 300 for $249 as part of their Winter Sale which runs from November 20-30. Should be available both in the store and online, no coupon is needed.

    Product link is here, but it is still showing the regular price of $399 now:

    This looks like a really good deal to me - Amazon currently sells the Oregon 200 for $249. The Oregon 300 is an upgrade, with an electronic compass, altimeter and 1GB of internal memory.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    REI's winter sale is now in effect (thru Nov 30) and there are several other items which may be of interest, like a Nuvi 255w for $130. Also a Dakota 10 package with City Navigator on DVD and a bike mount for $250.

    No coupons needed, see this link:
  • Tim 1500 Points
    from CSR:

    Garmin Nuvi 205W
    $99.99 Best Buy

    Garmin Nuvi 205
    $89.99 Sears

    Garmin Nuvi 255WT
    $129.99 Best Buy

    Garmin Nuvi 255W
    $119.99 Staples

    Magellan RoadMate 1220
    $89.99 Sears

    Magellan Roadmate 1440
    $119.99 Sears
    $119.99 Kmart

    TomTom One 130
    $77.99 Office Depot
    $79.99 Kmart
    $79.99 Sears

    TomTom Go 630
    $169.99 Office Depot
    $169.99 Sears

    TomTom GO 730
    $174.99 Best Buy

    TomTom XL 340S
    $97.00 Target

    TomTom XL325-SE
    $89.00 Walmart
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    There's a very good deal on the voice-controlled nuvi 855 at Amazon for the next 10 days. Just $199
  • Amazon has the Nuvi 205 for $89.99 right now + free shipping and no tax.

    Nuvi 255 for $109.99 with same deal on shipping and taxes
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    As a side note you can sign up for one free month of Amazon Prime which gives you free 2 day shipping on all purchases. In your account if you turn off automatic upgrade it will expire in 30 days and no automatic annual charge.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Costco has the Oregon 400t for $350 (you must be a member):
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Can't beat this one for a basic handheld deal. Dick's Sporting Good's has the Dakota 10 bundled with Garmin's 24K topo DVD for only $199 after $50 rebate. Absolutely the best deal I've seen on a handheld for BF bargains. I woulda sworn it was a typo if I hadn't just ordered one and received confirmation. 8)
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    That is a very nice deal. But I wonder exactly what they are giving you with the Topo 24k DVD? There are 4 different DVD's available:
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    I know they show the 24K DVD as well as mention it, but I think that it's really the 100K US topo DVD. We'll soon see. Just couldn't pass it up since it's at least $100 less than anywhere else I'd seen. I found the Bike and Hike Dakota10 bundle, but the lowest price was $338. Even the Dakota 10 by itself is a lot more than $200 on sale.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Did you see my post above about the bike and hike on sale at REI for $250 through Nov 30?

    If somebody wants City Navigator (even to use it on another unit), this seems like a good deal. But $200 is sweet, gotta admit. It crossed my mind that they meant topo 100k also, but the little product image does appear to be a 24k map. Let us know what shows up!
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Here's another one - Oregon 200 Black Friday sale at Gander Mountain For $200:
  • Tim 1500 Points
    edited November 2009
    You can see all of the Black Friday deals from Amazon here.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Here's another one - Oregon 200 Black Friday sale at Gander Mountain For $200:
    Hmmm. . . So which do you recommend for light trail use, biking and geocaching, the Dakota10 or Oregon200 deal? You're the pro's here Boyd and Tim
  • Tim 1500 Points
    The Oregon 300 or the Dakota 20. :)
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    But no good Black Friday deals on those? :cry:

    And I'm in Florida. No altimeter needed here
  • Tim 1500 Points
    It's not about the altimeter-- I'm not a big fan of the barometric altimeters anyway. More about the memory options available internally and/or on cards. The Oregon 200 and Dakota 10 have more limited memory options.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Gotcha. Yeah, the lack of an SD slot on the Dakota 10 is a pretty dumb handicap.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    850 MB is a good amount though, which might be fine for your needs in the Dakota 10. The Oregon 200 seems silly with limited internal memory and no microSD. So if you don't want to step up to the Oregon 300, then the Dakota 10 is probably the way to go.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    The Magellan RoadMate 1440 for $115 is a pretty impressive deal.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Tim, I don't think memory is much of an issue on the Oregon 200, is it? Pop in as large a microSD card as you wish. Since the Oregon series isn't bound by the goofy filename restrictions of the older garmin units (where mapfiles had to be named gmapsupp.img), I don't see why it should matter whether you have internal vs SD card storage. You can drag and drop maps in the Garmin folder and have dozens of them with any name you choose.

    Am I missing something? :?

    The Gander Mountain $200 deal for the Oregon 200 looks like a milestone to me... don't think I've ever seen an Oregon that cheap. But you will want to add a larger microSD card, so that's going to kick the price up a few bucks.

    The $250 Oregon 300 at REI is also a great deal, and if you can afford the additional $50 it probably makes a lot of sense.

    The smaller size of the Dakota is an attraction I suppose, although it's just slightly smaller. But for me personally, I'm a pixel junkie and just wouldn't be happy with a screen with the same resolution as my 60csx. I mean, that's the main reason I got the Oregon in the first place. We are talking about a significant difference too - 38,400 pixels on the Dakota vs 96,000 on the Oregon.

    The new "custom maps" feature which lets you use USGS Topo's and aerial imagery will certainly be more useful on a higher resolution screen. But to confuse things just a bit, I believe the Dakota has the updated touchscreen which is supposed to be a little better under bright conditions. Only the Oregon 550 has this type of screen (although there are rumors of a new Oregon 450).

    The Dakota 20 has the new 3d compass which sounds very nice, but it isn't on any of these BF sales.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    The Oregon 200 seems silly with limited internal memory and no microSD.
    The Oregon 200 does have a card slot, right?
    Accepts data cards: microSD™ card (not included)
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited November 2009
    Gotcha. Yeah, the lack of an SD slot on the Dakota 10 is a pretty dumb handicap.
    Thanks for pointing that out Gator, I didn't realize there was no card slot. I guess when Garmin calls it "entry-level" you know something important was intentionally left out. :lol:
  • Tim 1500 Points
    Tim, I don't think memory is much of an issue on the Oregon 200, is it? Pop in as large a microSD card as you wish.
    True... I just don't find that very convenient. That's just my personal preference, I don't find the cards very reliable and like to just put everything in the internal memory and keep it there.
    The Oregon 200 does have a card slot, right?
    Sorry, I was typing faster than by brain allows. I was thinking Dakota and typing something else.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Online price comparison site PriceGrabber published what they saw as the top 10 most popular products for Black Friday 2009:
    Wii Console
    nuvi 265WT GPS
    Apple iPod touch 8GB
    D90 SLR Digital Camera Kit
    Digital Rebel XSI 12MP Black Digital SLR Camera w/ Kit
    nuvi 765T GPS
    Wii Fit
    Apple iPod touch 16GB
    nuvi 255W Wide-Screen Automotive GPS
    Nintendo DS Limited Edition Pokemon Pack

    So that's three Garmin devices in the top 10 products.

    Just guessing from what I observed at Amazon and a smaller site that Garmin sold best (sold out quite quickly in fact) at the online retailers while TomTom pushed a lot of devices in Friday retail doorbusters. Looks like both Garmin and Tomtom may have done a little better than some might have expected so far this holiday season.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    You will see a lot of studies like that and the only thing that connects them all is that they are all different. Here is another "Top 10 Black Friday" products from Retail Decisions (ReD).

    1. TomTom GPS Navigation System
    2. Kodak Digital Camera
    3. Nintendo Wii
    4. Ice Age 3
    5. Sony Digital Camera
    6. Sansui 19" LCD TV
    7. Sony Bravia LCD TV
    8. Ginii Digital Photo Frame
    9. Playstation 3 120GB
    10. Samsung Digital Camera
  • Tim 1500 Points
    Here are the top 15 selling GPS devices on Black Friday. I'll have more complete details soon...
    1 Garmin Nuvi 265WT
    2 Garmin Nuvi 255W
    3 TomTom XL 330S
    4 Garmin Nuvi 1300
    5 TomTom XL 340S
    6 Garmin Nuvi 765T
    7 Garmin Nuvi 885T
    8 TomTom XL 330
    9 Garmin Nuvi 255
    10 TomTom XL 340
    11 Garmin Nuvi 755T
    12 Garmin Nuvi 780
    13 Magellan Roadmate 1440
    14 Garmin Nuvi 205W
    15 Garmin Nuvi 1350T
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Pretty much along the lines of what I was seeing. Garmin with 10 of the 15 slots on-line.

    You got the good tools tho :wink:

    Side note: West Marine says they have plenty of Oregon 400i's at a cheap, cheap $299. The manager said buyers think they were getting the equivalent of a chartplotter for less money. They aren't. so the associates spent more time the past couple of months explaining the differences, leaving a few 400's on the shelf. But at $299, it's a pretty good deal for those who just want a backup device or don't saltwater fish enough/have a large enough boat to justify a full-fledged chartplotter. Or just buy it to load 3rd party maps or to create your own custom fishing ones. You don't find this kind of price at a retailer very often.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    West Marine says they have plenty of Oregon 400i's at a cheap, cheap $299.
    I think it's the 400c actually, isn't it?

    The 400i is still going for $500. FWIW, here's Garmin's comparison of the Oregon 200, 300 and 400c:

    The 400i has US inland lakes pre-loaded and has 2gb of internal memory. The 400c has BlueChart® g2 coastal charts pre-loaded and 1gb of internal memory.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    The one they let me borow yesterday was the "c" version, but you're probably right. If so, then I might jump on that one anyway and sell my Map76 . . . cheap! Then just need to decide if I send the Dakota back.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    There's still a lot of gps deals to be had, some of them better than the "Black Friday" ones. For instance, Amazon has the voice-controlled nuvi 855 for just $160, today only.
  • That's a nice deal!
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    COSTCO Deal of The Day - JAN 25, 2010 only

    Garmin nüvi® 785T 4.3" GPS

    $199.99 after $30 OFF

    Free Shipping
    Lane Assist w/ Junction View
    Item # 498039
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Black Friday is long gone, but is offering the Oregon 300 for $269 through February 7. I think this is the lowest price I've seen on this model.
  • Spyder63 331 Points

    Amazon has the Magellan RoadMate 1210 for $64.97. This 3.5" model has maps of the entire US, minus Alaska.

    Garmin has announced a $100 rebate on four of their motorcycle-friendly GPS navigators – the zumo 220, 550, 660 and 665. Purchases from Amazon are ineligible; Offer is valid for purchases made between May 1, 2010 and July 4, 2010. Postmark deadline is July 31, 2010.
  • patruns 10 Points
    Amazon has the Garmin Nuvi 260W for $99.99 with free shipping...
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Bass Pro is offering the Garmin GPSMap 60csx for $199.94, which I believe is the lowest price I've seen on this model. Only caveat is that it's listed as out of stock on their site.

    If you're in the market for this model then it's probably worth giving them a call to check availability. The item number is 38-528-174-00.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    GARMIN nüvi 855 4.3" GPS Navigation - voice activated
    Original Price: $299.99

    Your Price: $144.99 - Free Shipping
    With Promo Code EMCYSNZ77

    Garmin Nuvi 205W 4.3" GPS Navigation with Voice prompts
    (limit 5 per customer) Original Price: $139.99

    $89.99 With Promo Code EMCYSNZ78
    $1.99 Shipping

    TomTom XL 335?S 4.3" Portable GPS Navigation with Text to speech
    Your Price: $99.99 - Free Shipping
    With Promo Code EMCYSNZ42

    Promo codes expire at 11:59 PT on 05/23/2010.
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    REI is also selling the GPSMap 60csx for $199.99 now. Nice deal if you want one of these.... and further evidence that the new GPSMap 62 series is on the way. :)
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    GARMIN Dell Daily Deal- Nuvi 205 GPS MSRP $64.99

    Portable and affordable, nüvi 205 is your personal travel assistant for life on the go. This navigator leads the way with turn-by-turn directions and optional MSN Direct services to get you there on time and keep ...
    Starting Price $119.99
    Total Savings $55.00
    Subtotal $64.99
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Cabela's has the Oregon 450t on sale for $370.
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